Traveling for Nigerians increasingly requires adequate planning. With Nigerian passport ranking 83rd in freedom to travel across the world, acquiring a visa is always difficult and strenuous.

However, there are visa-free countries accessible to all Nigerian passport holders. With just a valid passport, you can gain entry into these African countries without having to stress yourself over a visa. Some may, however, be required to apply for a visa at their point of entry.

1. Rwanda
Easily the neatest African country, Rwanda has become a destination choice for investors and tourists. After the 1994 genocide war, the East African nation is wearing a new look. It is also a secured nation with less than five percent national crime rate.

Visa is obtained at the entry point with just $100 for Nigerian passport holders.

2. Djibouti
In East Africa, one of the best places to visit from Nigeria is Djibouti. You may require a visa on arrival at an affordable rate, but the country still has beautiful places to visit such as the Lake Assal, which is the lowest point on land in Africa. In the world, it is only the third after the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea.

3. Morocco
The culture, weather and exotic offering of Morocco make the country a great destination for honeymooners. There are super-amazing sites, shops, restaurants, cafes and more around the streets of Morocco which could definitely tempt you to turn your honeymoon into a typical excursion you will not regret.

4. Cape Verde
This is an island country that is found on the West African coast. It is one of the most welcoming tourist destinations on the continent as it has great weather and beautiful spots that you could have a splendid vacation.

5. Kenya
This beautiful tourist destination has a lot of wildlife, safari and historical places on offer. Cities to explore include Nairobi and Mombassa with the hosts generally welcoming and helpful. Visa is also at the point of entry.

6. Uganda
This East African nation with rich historical cuisine and sites such as the Lake Victoria and others allow Nigerians to travel to obtain visa at the point of entry.

7. Sudan
Nigerians can get visas at the entry point to visit the massive deserts and wildlife conservations in this hugely vast country.

Location – West Africa
(Visa free)

The country also plays host to International Arts and Crafts Fair, Ouagadougou which is regarded as one of the most important African handicraft fair.

Burkina Faso is visa For Nigerian who would love to stay as long as they like. The Country is boasts of a gold reserves and is rich in music and art like the drumming culture.

Location – West Africa
(Visa free for 3 months)

As a Nigerian passport holder, you can visit Benin Republic and stay for 3 months without a visa. A country located close to Nigeria, there are a number of tourist attractions in the country that may interest you like the nominated UNESCO World Heritage site named Pendjari National Park.

Location – East Africa
(Visa free for 30 days)

Nigerians are allowed a visit to Burundi for 30 days without a visa requirement. The country is known for its craft works that serve as a great gift option for tourists. From shields, baskets and masks to statues and pottery. An important part of the culture in Burundi is drumming, the Royal Drummers of Burundi have been performing for 40 years. The oral tradition of the country through poetry, storytelling and songs is also something worth enjoying.

11. CHAD
Location – Central Africa
(Visa free for 3 months)

Chad offers a 3-month visa-free stay for Nigerians. All you need to do is provide a return ticket that shows you do not plan to stay in the country permanently. You can visit the Chad National Museum,

Chad Cultural Centre to get a feel of the rich cultural heritage of the Chadian people.

Location – West Africa
(Visa free for 90 days)

Enjoy a great time in Cameroon as entry is visa-free for Nigerians. Check out the National Museum & Mvog-Betsi Zoo in Yaounde or the La Pagode Maritime Museum in Douala. There are a number of wildlife species ranging from lions and antelopes to snakes and birds, you will find at any of the parks.

Location – West Africa
(Visa free)

A visa free stay in Cote d’ivoire formerly known as Ivory Coast is worth it as there several points of interests and tourist attractions you can visit during your stay. The beach resorts of Assinie, the Parc National de Tai, valleys of Man and the artsy Grand Bassam are some of the breathtaking tourist attractions you can see in Cote d’ivoire. You may also enjoy the lagoon boat tour or visit the open markets in Treichville or Cocody.

Location – East Africa
(Visa on arrival)

You can travel to Comoros without a visa but you can get the visa on arrival for $50. Comoros Island is made up of four developed islands with white sandy beaches, giant fruit bats, volcanoes, and rainforests. Enjoy one of the best adventures on Comoros Island and make memories of a lifetime.

Location – West Africa
(Visa on arrival)

A visa will not be required by Nigerian citizen upon entry to Cape Verde, provided you can prove to the immigration officials you do not plan to stay permanently in the country. You will be required to provide a return ticket, as well as proof of funds.

Location – Southeast Asia
(Visa on arrival for a period of 30 days)

This country allows Nigerians entry with a 30-day visa on arrival at the port of entry. The country is well known for its beautiful beaches and ancient temple cities. You may visit during the annual Water Festival in November.

Location – Caribbean Region
(Visa free for 21 days)

Location – East Africa
(Visa on arrival)

19. FIJI
Location – South Pacific Ocean
(Visa free for 4 months)

Location – West Africa
(Visa free)

Location – West Africa
(Visa free)

Location – West Africa
(Visa free for 90 days)

Location – West Africa
(Visa free for 90 days)

Location – Caribbean
(Visa free for 3 months)

25. IRAN
Location – Middle East

Ogunbewon Adebukola / The Nation

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