After deep thought and consultations, I have decided to contest for the exalted office of member of the Federal House of Representatives of Nigerian in February 2019. The decision was made after examining the political space and activities in the country particularly around its socio-economic development. Many promises made by the current government remain unfulfilled after almost three years in office.

Nigerians continue to suffer from untold economic hardship and insecurity and also our hopes for peace and prosperity are still a mirage 57 years after independence and almost 20 years into the present democratic experiment. Millions of diasporas still cannot vote and the current cabinet has only four female Ministers out of 36. The minimum wage is amongst the lowest in the world while some of our government officials enjoy huge allowances and fat estacodes and many boasts of exclusive properties around the world.

Above all these Nigerians continue to be killed weekly outside Nigeria especially in South Africa with no compensation or justice done. Many Nigerians have also been caught up in the recent slave trade in Libya and only recently, 26 Nigerian women drowned at sea in Italy and were buried without a single Nigerian official being present.

Nigeria produces 2.2 million barrels yet its citizens go without electricity daily and these impacts adversely on the population and their ability to lead decent lives. For example 37 universities owned by the Federal government use 1,068 generators.

Thousands of Nigerians are trafficked around the world and many die perilous deaths in the Mediterranean. Kidnapping has become a franchise and corruption has become a way of life. The quality of education is so dismal and the hospitals have become morgues as it is more likely to die in the hospital than to be discharged.

There are many more issues such as the dearth of infrastructure and lack of books that has brought life to a miserable state.

My candidacy is brought about because I feel strongly that the time has come for me to make a contribution in order to improve the lives of people and I am prepared to so by standing for elections for the very first time in Nigeria. I am no longer comfortable with complaining from the sidelines and being an armchair politician.

This is the moment and this is the time

I am willing to serve.


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