#AfricanMigrantsMatter: WHY WE ARE HERE

#AfricanMigrantsMatter: WHY WE ARE HERE

One of the reasons why South Africa continues to have xenophobic attacks is because African migrants in this country are consistently labeled as bad. So, at the Centre for Human Rights, we decided to make this video to tell the stories that you normally don’t hear about in South African media. Filming and documenting the stories of these individuals was an experience that touched me, and we only barely scratched the surface. 

I know that there are a number of South Africans (including the educated ones) who don’t participate in the physical xenophobic attacks but whose participation in demeaning conversations about migrants is just as sad and heartbreaking. This is also for you.

And for every South African who has spoken out against this injustice, thank you! Please keep speaking out and help share this video so that more people will know the other side of the story.

  • Adebayo Okeowo
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