Arinze, an auto parts dealer in the Ekurhuleni region of Gauteng was featured on the Date My Family show yesterday. The apperance of Arinze on the show has left everyone talking about his attitude.

The twenty eight year old almost diverted from the rules of the show as he practically asked members of the family out. Not only that, he also had the audacity to flirt with one of the girl’s mother. He was so ill mannered that he had to even discuss sexual matters in front of the mom. Although the mom was the geza shesha type (modern woman type) she didn’t deserve such disrespect

He has been described by the viewers as rude, disrespectful and uncultured fellow, whose untamed action has put the Venda girl he chose in the comic box.

Arinze was disappointed at the girl he chose and made it open on screen that he chose her because he wanna keep seeing her sister, how rude!

Tweeps are furious and mostly believe that Arinze’s action has prompted all sort of shameful comments against the girl he chose.

Meanwhile, is that how uncultured Nigerians are? If they’re like that why does most South African ladies wish so much to date Nigerians? Whilst those who are dating them already throws it on the faces of South African men?

We asked a few Nigerians living in South Africa and they didn’t support their fellow countryman’s views on sexualizing the women on the show. This boy lacks home training, said a Nigerian living in Randburg.

Guys remember that DMF is a reality show. They look for scripts like these to drive their viewership. That guy does not represent the majority of Nigerian men in SA, said another Nigerian in Johannesburg.

Though, a lot of South Africans think The talk, dark and muscular Arinze represented Nigerians in the show. They think Nigerians basically see South African women as sex objects and they are from an unruly place where they were not thought how to respect women.

Tweeps were also excited that he scored his own goal and chose someone he doesn’t like.

Additional reporting: SurgeZirc

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