The fun day / Easter Celebration on (17th March 2018) started with a prayer and the members present introduced themselves. The minutes of the last meeting was read by the secretary and it was adopted with the motion raised by Mrs. Adetayo and seconded by Dr. Adetunji.

1. The chairman started with the issues that emanated from the minutes of the last meeting, he said that the executive made it as a mandate to be accountable to the association by informing the members of the money received and how those monies are spent.

2. The chairman presented the apologies that came from our members who are absent in the meeting due to one reason or the other, the following the members that sent their apologies: The Chairman Ayidsa Business forum, Adv. Wole Popoola, the national Vice President and Mr. John Abiola.

3. The chairman apologised on behalf of the executive to the members for not making the stickers that will show all the programmes lined up for the year available for collection, he said this was due to the logistics reason and that those programmes will be pasted on the whatsapp platform of the association. The social secretary presented the balance sheet of the association to the members.

4. The Vice chairman stood up and elaborated on the importance of accountability, he said want the national body to know Pretoria affiliate for proper accountability. The chairman also buttresses the vice chairman submission.

5. The members were so happy about the level of executive accountability, the chairman then inform all the members about the opening of the bank account for the affiliate so that the accountability of the affiliate can be neat. Surprisingly the chairman of the Ayidsa business forum came in and the chairman introduce him to the members, the chairman also introduced Mrs. Victoria Olaboye, the lady that has been slated to have a presentation on the funding opportunities in South Africa.

6. The chairman threw open the issue of monthly dues and the members agreed through voting that each members should pay monthly dues of R50.

7. The chairman informs the members about the registration of movie academy, he said the registration will soon be completed, he said he said he will communicate with the actors and actress that are coming from Nigeria. He also emphasised that our women that are interest in taking part in the film production should seek their husbands’ permission before doing so, Ms. Bimbo Akamoh introduced a new member among us whom she says is so good in movie script writing.

8. Mrs. Olaboye introduced herself again and went straight to the business of the day by making mentioned of so many opportunities that our members can gain through funding that available in South Africa in respect of members’ business such as NYSA (For Youths), FNB GODON INSTUTUTE OF BUSINESS SCIENCE, IBM (Youths that are interested in ICT),, SHANDUKA BLACK UMBRELLA, ISIVANDA WOMEN FUNDING that start from R30,00 to R2Million. She also made mention of DTI and the assistance they can give to our business, the secretary stood up and asked so many questions especially in his own field that is engineering and construction and she answered by telling him to search for SETA AND CETA on the internet and get registered.

9. The chairman business forum of ayidsa buttresses the submission of Mrs. Olaboye by advising members to be good to one and other in so many ways and also to be time conscious when it comes to the meeting time but the Vice chairman said though it is good to be time conscious but this should not be forceful as most of us are mothers and fathers and that so many unseen issues may arise while a member is on his/her way to the meeting so we should just implore members to be time conscious.

10. The chairman then thanked Mrs. Olaboye for her educative presentation given to the members, he then observed that new member came in and they were asked to introduce themselves in which they did, Mr. Niyi Abodedele inform the members on the upcoming Nigeria community conference that will be held on the 27th April 2018 at UNISA conference hall and implore us to attend as the issues concerning the welfare of the Nigerians will be discussed there.

11. The Chairman asked the national assistance General Secretary to pray on the food that will be consuming in which he did and the merriment followed.

The Minutes Prepared by:

Oladele Opaleye


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