The former Military Governor of Kaduna State of Nigeria; Abubakar Umar once described Buhari as a disciplined soldier.

When further asked why he participated in the military coup that overthrew the government of Buhari in 1985, he replied that being a disciplined soldier doesn’t mean that Buhari is intelligent.

Buhari a cursed man who has no conscience or human sympathy; he is devoid of anything decent. He has declared war on Nigeria.

How could a sitting President tell his fellow citizens that those herdsmen terrorizing Nigerians are foreigners? He has no shame.

What then is he still doing sitting in the presidency if he has allowed foreigners to invade his country? That is if he indeed means Nigeria to be his country.

He is therefore not worthy of the title, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

He is indeed an accomplice before and after the fact in all the crimes being committed by the herdsmen who brandish AK47 assault weapons with impunity.

How come the Fulani Herdsmen are the only ones with the right to be armed? Where did they get the weapons from, and how did they bring them into Nigeria freely.

They have each time claimed responsibilities for the deaths and mayhem being unleashed in the entire country, yet their leaders have not been arrested for those crimes.

Are they more equal than the other nations in Nigeria?

Buhari had strategically marshaled out the war plan on Nigeria ever before he was elected President in 2015.

Take a look at the areas where the herdsmen have occupied, then connect the dots.

We were innocently astounded by Buhari’s lack of sympathy for victims of the herdsmen’s barbarism and his no-show in all their funerals. Not a single concern is shown for the loss of lives.

He preferred rather attend weddings and party functions whilst his country is on fire.

The war is real, Buhari pretends not to know. Carefully observe the fierce territorial battle taken place in the Middle Belt of Nigeria and the flashpoint of the ravages for you to understand that the devil is in the detail.

He is now marching Southward. We must stop him forthwith.

It is more telling in his choice of the Service Chiefs and Heads of the Security Apparatus of Nigeria.

Get yourself a physical map of Nigeria, pinpoint the flashpoint of the ravages and atrocities by the herdsmen and you will understand my point.

The delay in the appointments of his Cabinet Ministers was on purpose. As a military man, his planning and execution thereof must come with military precision.

Go watch a war movie, especially the intense activities inside the war room, for a better understanding of Buhari’s evil machinations.

Buhari was crafty in his choice of only men of the Fulani extraction shall be the ones having secret meetings with him inside the war room.

What more evidence do you need in order to believe that he is at war with the other nations?

He went as far as importing a Fulani man from the Chad Republic to head the Nigerian Intelligence Agency. The Niger Republic enjoys better patronage than other nations in Nigeria.

All these are part of the grand scheme of things.

The Chad Republic is a country between Nigeria and Sudan. Sudan is a country notorious for exporting terrorism to all corners of the world, including those herdsmen currently terrorizing Nigerians.

Buhari is in the habit of not being responsive to the needs of Nigeria, or at least responding to the various terrorist attacks; all are part of his plan.

However, having said the above. One thing is for sure; Buhari will choke in his plan to annihilate other Nigerians that are not in support of his evil schemes.

Buhari, as usual, will fail, because failure is in his DNA.

To other nations in the geographical area currently known as Nigeria, I say, it is time you stood up and defend yourselves.

Natural and Constitutional law enshrine self-defense as a ground for justification in defense of one’s life and properties, and by extension, those of your families, friends, and communities.

Fight back!

I thank you.

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