Nigerian Army to begin operation reptiles dances III soon. Tukur Buratai, the Nigerian Army Chief recently disclosed that the Army would soon be deployed to the various part of the country to contain the ongoing threat to security in the country.

He, however, could not give clarity on whether the troops would carry out a similar exercise in the Middle Belt region following incessant Fulani herdsmen’s barbaric and state-sponsored mayhem they have unleashed in that area, which has resulted in several killings, looting, rape of women, the slaughter of innocent people and land grab.

These dances are tagged operation III of their choice reptiles. These reptiles shall soon devour them in their sleep.

Buhari what is the military doing on the streets of Nigeria in a civilian regime? What are they looking for on the streets on Nigeria?

There has not been any foreign invasion of Nigeria except that of the Boko Haram terrorist sect and the Fulani herdsmen that you and your military are colluding with to rob and kill innocent civilians.

The military should and must be confined to the barracks. Should you want to prove me wrong, kindly deploy those reptiles dances to the Boko Haram ravaged areas, where innocent Nigerians have been chased out of their ancestral land.

Again, deploy them to go capture and deport the Fulani herdsmen to Chad and Niger Republic where they all came in from; deploy them to go and arrest the leaders and members of the Miyetti Allah cattle breeders association who are ranked alongside other international terror groups.

Prove the world wrong that you are neither a trustee of the Miyetti Allah sect nor a sponsor of the Boko Haram terror group.

What a sane government would do, should there be any threat to internal security of a nation, is to deploy more Police officers for visible policing. Sanity, of course, is something that you Buhari does not have or ever possess.

True federalism is paramount. You have refused to decentralize the police so to empower the constituent States of Nigeria to be in charge of the safety and security of their territories, or even to prosper their indigenes.

This is the rational solution to the hollow and slurred speeches of yours that announces each time the reason you always have to roll out armored tanks against the innocent people of Nigeria.

One wonders whether you truly understand that leadership is not ruler-ship. This is not a military government dispensation for crying out loud. You are in a position of service and not of status.

We must resist your antics using the products of our minds, which are free gifts from God Almighty. Do you plan to roll out your armored tanks to crush those as well?

Nigerians yearn for the freedom to exist and to harness their potentials like normal citizens do in their respective countries, you rolled out armored tanks in response.

Nigerians say there are no energy and electricity to establish and to power industries just like every other civilized nation should, you rolled out armored tanks in response.

Nigerians say there no good roads, pipe borne water, good education system, science, and technology infrastructure. You rolled out your armored tanks in response.

Nigerians say there is no national carrier, no good healthcare services. You instead, flew to London to treat yourself in a presidential jet that was bought using their money. All expenses paid for by our commonwealth. Shame.

You came back, instead of expressing gratitude, you rolled out your armored tanks in response to their need for sound healthcare facilities and incentivized environment that could enable advancement in both science and technology.

Nigerians say they are tired of wasting away, sitting idle without jobs, without hope for a better future, and that their academic certificates are gathering dust at home. You rolled out your armored tanks in response.

Nigerians say okay let’s now sit down to plan the way forward, seek and implement solutions to their problems, you sent herdsmen and your cattle after them.

Nigerians say, very well then, let’s exist as we had Pre- 1914 or at least implement true federalism as in 1963 constitution. You rolled out your armored tanks in response.

Maybe you should roll out your armored tanks to crush the handsets through which you are reading this message. Mind you, it was invented by equal human beings as Nigerians and manufactured in a country whose government cares for the growth and development of its citizens; as opposed to your tactics of rolling out cattle to schools and streets of Nigeria.

Maybe you should go crush those other countries with your armored tanks in order to retard their growth potentials, just like you do to other people in Nigeria with your stupid quota system policy.

As a military ruler in the mid-1980, you couldn’t even successfully achieve any policy with the deployment of your soldiers. All you did was to loot and steal from the same citizens you were meant to lead.

Why on earth do you think you would achieve any result in a civilian dispensation using the same military tactics? Applying the same ineffective solution without result to the same problem is indeed the height of ignorance.

I am not surprised therefore that you continue to defy rule of law when you continue to detain Dasuku and others in spite of a court order for their immediate release.

I have told you over and over again to get out of the Presidency immediately, lest you desecrate it any further.

Old man, just save the last dance for yourself and resign forthwith. You don’t deserve to be in that office, not now, not ever.

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