Sowore is an indigene of Ondo State in South West Nigeria. He was born in the Niger Delta region of the country where he was also raised in a polygamous home with sixteen children. At 12, he learnt how to ride a motorcycle so that he could fish at the lake for the entire family before going to school every morning. His passion and desire for media was propelled during the military rule in Nigeria.

Sowore studied Geography and Regional Planning at the University of Lagos from 1989 to 1995 with his academic program extended by two extra years after being expelled twice for political reasons and student activism. He was the President of the University of Lagos Student Union Government between 1992 and 1994 where he was keenly involved in anti-cultism and anti-corruption advocacy. He holds a Master degree in Public Administration from Columbia University.

In 1989, he took part in student demonstrations protesting the conditions of an International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan of $120 million to be used for a Nigerian oil pipeline. Among the conditions of the IMF loan were to reduce the number of universities in the country from 28 to 5.
Sowore led 2,000 students in protest against the Nigerian government in 1992. The protest resulted in police opening fire and seven being killed. Sowore was arrested and tortured. He was also involved in the demand for democratic government taking over military rule in June 12, 1993. This resulted in several arrests, detentions and life threatening treatment by government officials.

Sahara Reporters
Sowore started Sahara Reporters in a small room in Manhattan 2006 to fight against corrupt and wrong government practices. Sahara Reporters is supported by grants donated by the Ford Foundation and Omidyar Foundation. As part of its policy, the medium does not accept adverts and financial support from the Nigerian government.

Comrade Omoyele Sowore; a presidential aspirant, and his campaign team stormed the city of Pretoria, Capital City of South Africa on Sunday the 5th August 2018 to address the Nigeria community in South Africa in the wake of the upcoming presidential election. The meeting was held at the South African foremost theatre that houses the greatest performing arts facilities in Africa.The event, organised by the Take it back campaign group was attended by a score of important dignitaries, Nigeria Professional body and business men and women, and a cross section of Nigeria students in South Africa.

The Coordinator of the Take It Back group Mrs Doris Ikeri- Solarin salute the courage of Comrade Omoyele Sowore to come out at a time like this to safe Nigeria from the hands of the corrupt and wicked leaders that the nation has suffered a great deal. She also used the privilege to encourage the Nigerians in diaspora most especially the youths to support the good course and ready to take the country back from the hands of the looter.

In the Town Hall address of Comrade Sowore, he thanked the youths and everyone present for their support and love to fight the good fight to restore Nigeria to her rightful place of the giant among the African nations. He said the Nigeria resources is enough for her citizens to live a good life if well managed and evenly distributed but instead, the wealth of the nation was clawed in the hands of some few wicked individuals who refused to retire from governance since 1983.
In his address, the Geographer turned journalist presidential aspirant criticised the killing of innocent Nigerians in South Africa and promised that when he come to power in 2019 a lot of amendments will be done to the Nigeria international relation policies. Earlier in one of his television interview in Pretoria on e-TV, Sowore said Nigeria is a big brother to South Africa considering how much Nigeria supported the country during apartheid that Nigerians should be treated with respect, but the statement did not go well with the South Africa media houses and Sowore subsequent interview on SABC was cancelled.

The Take It Back Comrade in his Town Hall address said, he declared his presidential ambition 5 months ago and he has travelled to over 26 states in Nigeria and had 60 similar Town Hall meetings both local and international soliciting for support and educating Nigerians the reasons they should vote Buhari government out of office in 2019. He encourages Nigerians in diaspora most especially the youths to vote via their voices and sensitise their people back home to vote for him.
The Secretary of Africa Diaspora Mobilisation Movement (ADMM) South Africa Mr. Rotimi Iyanda and his team after the Town Hall address said, the movement is concerned and committed to appraising and supporting good governance and leadership that will benefit African nations in which Nigeria is not an exception. He therefore enjoins Sowore to try as much as possible to desist from statements that can cause conflicts among nations especially when it comes to international politics.

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