Cult group clashes, which were and still pervasive in the Nigerian tertiary institutions and society have led to the death of some Nigerians in South Africa.

The most recent of such clash with its attendant death trail led to the killing of a Nigerian man in his forties popularly known as Aro in Yeoville, Johannesburg.

Aro was killed in Yeoville after he bought some groceries and planned to head home. A familiar voice called him and when he answered, he was hit with bullets and he died instantly soaked in his own blood.

Retaliation against the group that allegedly killed Aro culminated in the killing of another Nigerian.

In the last three years, the report reveals that about fifteen Nigerians have been killed in these cult clashes.

Many Nigerian youngsters in South Africa belong to cult groups as an extension of home initiation or to maintain “street credibility”.

What is now known as secret cults in Nigerian higher institutions and society started as a noble cause in human rights activism.

The National Association of Seadogs, popularly known as Pyrates Confraternity is a confraternity organization in Nigeria that is nominally University-based. The group was founded in 1952 by the “Magnificent Seven” to support human rights and social justice in Nigeria.

Due to the increase of tribalism among the social life of students and the increasing population of “wealthy” students to a relatively few “poorer” students in the University College, Ibadan, the National Association of Seadogs was formed as a body in order to combat these societal ills.

– Adekunle Owolabi

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