Adeusi Foluwakemi, Psychologist turned professional talented Barber and loving it

Adeusi Foluwakemi a Nigerian female barber at Rocket Man in Sandton City is originally from Ondo state. A graduate of the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta Ogun state who studied child psychology even though she is not practicing yet.

She came to South Africa in 2016 to do her master’s degree but plans changed and she came up with plan B.

“I came to South Africa to do my masters in 2016. But after reviewing and there was actually no means of paying for accommodation and studying at the same time, I decided to work for a while, then I signed up for a barbing course in 2017 as a means of survival.”

Adeusi does admit though that she has always had a love for a non-common career. And she has no regrets about becoming a barber.

“I have always loved a non-common career. So far so good, no regrets in my decision to be a barber. I love what I do.”

Like many jobs, there can be challenges that one can encounter and Adeusi has her fair share of them.

“There are so many odds or challenges in this field. As I started cutting white (Caucasian hair) some of them are not used to having a black person cutting their hair talk more of having a black lady cut them. Another one is having so many men hitting on you.
You really have to be focused not to get carried away, and not to allow the negative attitude ruin your day.”

However, Adeusi does admit that she loves her job as it has opened doors of opportunity for her.

“I can really say I love my job now because it opens so many doors of opportunity to me. I have met a lot of celebrities both Nigerian and South African celebrities.”

She says the most important thing is constantly training in order to keep yourself in the game.

“Constant training is very very important, that’s how I have kept myself in the game and learning to accept my mistakes and working on them.”

“As a lady, you need to think outside the box, but it is important that you don’t limit yourself to everyday kind of business.”

Adeusi says if anyone needs training they can send an email to her at [email protected]

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