Motunrayo of Mo fabrics shares her journey into the world of fashion

Wife and mother Motunrayo Elizabeth Dada (Nee Ojo), owner of Mo Fabrics & More has been sewing for herself for two years and the sewing as a business started a year ago.

Originally from Nigeria, the talented sewist relocated to South Africa in 2018 to join her husband.

It seemed that sewing was part of her destiny as her mother used to be a fashion designer until she ventured into a different business. Dada realised later on that her mother was training her to sew when she would ask her to help with alterations.

She recently spoke to Nigerians in South Africa about her journey of selling fabrics and sewing all kinds of female outfits.

“I am from West Africa, Nigeria precisely. I would say that my mom and my husband inspires me to go into sewing. Growing up my mom used to be a fashion designer although she didn’t do the business for a long period of time before going into another business. I could remember some years back when I needed to do some alterations on my dress, would go and meet my mom to assist me with it and she will say to me that she can’t help me with it knowing fully well that she has a sewing machine in the house and I don’t know how to operate it been a manual sewing machine, I would walk out of her sight angry, Not knowing she wanted me to have an interest in sewing.”

Motunrayo Elizabeth Dada in one of her creations.

Recounting her sewing journey it is clear to see that she is not only talented and creative but she also put in the work to study the art.

“I started my sewing training back then in Nigeria 2017, just after I graduated from Yaba College Of Technology with a higher national diploma in Business Administration. I then decided to go into fashion designing, while I was busy with my national youth service, I was undergoing my fashion designing training as well.

Dada also picked it up after relocating to South Africa as she found she needed to do something not to be idle at home.

Fast-forward to 2018 when I relocated to South Africa to join my husband. I had nothing doing and boredom came. I wasn’t finding my staying at home fun due to the kind of person that I am, I hate being idle. Then I decided to get back to my fashion business (in fashion you can’t learn it all, I am still open to learning) and since then I found love and passion for sewing.”

Mandisa (sweetness) dress in orange by Mo Fabrics & Mo. A one size fits all dress.

Blooming business

Dada says she did not expect her business to bloom immediately especially since it is a new business. However, there are challenges such as finding customers and marketing her business.

“Well, there is no business without challenges. My business is a new business and I do not expect it to bloom immediately it’s a gradual process. Even being a new business I have no regret starting my own business because I found love and passion for what I do.

Finding customers and marketing my business out there is the challenge I have now as a new business, but I know with God, time, and consistency my brand will be a household name.”

What fuels her love for sewing is the selling of fabrics and making of dresses for varied customers.

“Being able to meet the needs of people around me when it comes to fashion (selling of fabrics and making of dresses not just of adults but also making dresses for kids is what I love to do and I will never get tired of it).”

Dada encourages anyone starting out or already sewing that if you show more interest, love, and passion you will become addicted and that will help with the creativity and for the business to grow. She does caution though that sewing is not easy.

Mommy and little me dresses by Mo Fabrics & More.

“Sewing is not easy though, but if you have passion and love for it. Trust me it will be so fun for you. I could remember when I never shown interest in it, it looked so difficult to me. But when I decided to show more interest, love, and passion towards it, I got addicted to it extent that if I do not sew in a week I won’t be fulfilled. Well, I am loving the addiction…. Smile. May God bless us all.”

You can connect with Dada on Instagram @mo_fabrics_more

African print dress by Mo Fabrics & More.
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