Bello prays Africans will unite more

Braimoh Bello
Braimoh Bello

A lecturer was gunned down in South Africa yesterday while taking a walk. People are now being kidnapped for ransom in South Africa. Unemployment is very high. And some idiots think it is due to foreigners, many of whom are even street traders. The level of corruption is high. Eskom is making more people buy generators and inverters. This country has gone to the dogs. If corruption continues to increase and/or more White people leave, SA will be worse than Nigeria and Zimbabwe. The crime rate will get higher.

Many South Africans have no functional education or skills. Many do not even have the humility and resilience to do certain jobs. Supporting family structures that help one go through tough times are almost non-existent, much lower than we have in West Africa. But Nigeria is still 50 years behind SA.

Last week, Eskom lost the capacity to produce over 10,000 megawatts of its 45,000 megawatts full capacity. That’s 45,000 megawatts for 60 million people. Nigeria is still struggling with 7,000 megawatts for 200 million people. And we are celebrating the second Niger bridge, which is not even completed yet. We are mediocre to the core (genes?). I flew out of Jhb yesterday to relax by the beach this weekend and do some writing. I have flown more than 100 times within this country. At least 98 times, my flight was on schedule.

My friend in Nigeria got to the airport this week and was told his 6 pm flight left at 2 pm — it was rescheduled and he didn’t know. Do humans behave like that? I don’t know whether or not Nigeria will see the light of Christ until He returns. What Nigeria currently sees is the business of Christ. Imagine Obiano, a governor who just completed his tenure, attempting to flee Nigeria a day after handing over! It is ordinary people that flee a country, looking for a better life abroad. How can Obiano be fleeing his country to go and be a second-class citizen in another? How can a man be so low? A former governor wanting to live outside his country? I wish they would throw him in jail to rot there. I am thinking of leaving South Africa.

I am reluctant to go to Canada or America. I think it is sad to use your productive years to build another country. At least, I felt better to contribute to South Africa (because it is Africa), but while you do your best, the leaders destroy the system. Also, a foreigner is a foreigner, especially in Africa where the people hold very rigid views on nationality (birth). In Canada, you will be duly regarded as a citizen. But here, it doesn’t matter what I contribute to SA, I am still a foreigner. I guess it is the same as a South African in Nigeria. It sucks to be reminded every day that you are an alien.

My prayer is that Africans will unite more, love each other (the confusion between ‘each other’ and ‘one another’ predates Shakespeare). I wish we would love Jesus more and truly show it. I wish we didn’t worship money. I wish we didn’t choose money over our brothers. I wish we had better self-esteem.

Let me eat o. We never can tell where a slap will be coming from. But no weapon fashioned against me shall prosper.

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