Olajumoke Shaba teaches Yoruba as part of her passion for the language

Olajumoke Shaba teaching in one of her classes.

Entrepreneur and professional teacher Olajumoke Shaba has created Yoruba language classes in the country for people ages four and above.

The teacher who has been in the country since 2010 says her experience has been a great one.

Shaba recently spoke to Nigerians in South Africa about her project and organisation.

“My experience in South Africa has been a great one, My children have been schooling in South Africa from high school to university level. Part of my observations is the value of mother tongue, (home language) as a priority for all South African children in various schools.”

Shaba says the reason she created the Yoruba language classes was because of her passion for her home language and states that the importance of children enrolling is to teach them cultural values and norms.

“The reason why I created the Yoruba language class is because of my passion for my home language, (Yoruba language,) which is spoken in all over the world, where ever any Yoruba person find him or herself. The importance of children enrolling in the Yoruba language class is to teach Yoruba children the cultural values, norms, and to learn how to speak to elderly people with respect in the Yoruba language.”

“There are so many needs arising in the cause of the project,  part of it is  getting  sponsors for TV recording of children singing in Yoruba  language,  storytelling in the Yoruba language and (ALO PIPA) participating in other African events.”

The Yoruba language class is run both online via zoom meeting and physically. Children are taught Yoruba songs, dance steps as well as cultural values.

“Yes, few Nigerians who are Yorubas who saw the advertisement ( Flyer ) for Yoruba language class enrolled their children in the Yoruba project.
I teach the children Yoruba songs,  different dancing steps, cultural values, and norms to preserve the Yoruba culture for future generations to come.”

The lack of funds is what her organisation is facing and is challenging. However, Shaba says she has received support from the Nigeria Community and High Commission.

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