If you wear a camouflage shirt in Nigeria, you will be fined #10 (Naira). Ridiculous!

If you wear a camouflage shirt in Nigeria, you will be fined #10 (Naira). Ridiculous!

The Nigerian Criminal code recommends that any found guilty of wearing a camouflage may be fined #10 (Naira).

#10 (Naira) in Nigeria today is $0.22.

A Nigerian lawyer based in Johannesburg says the criminal code is archaic and should be amended.

The Sections 110 & 111 of the Nigerian Criminal Code Act, L. N. 112 of 1964, 1967, No 27 states that: “Any person who- Unlawfully wears the uniform of forces, etc. (1) not be­ing a person serving in any of the armed forces of Nigeria, wears the uniform or any part of the uni­form of such forces, or any of the armed dress having the appearance or bearing any of the regimental or other distinctive marks of such uniforms.

“(2) not being a person holding any office or authority under the Government of Nige­ria or of any part thereof, wears any uniform or distinctive badge or mark or carries any token cal­culated to convey the impression that such person holds any office or authority under the govern­ment; is guilty of an offence and is liable to imprisonment for one month, or to a fine of ten naira, unless he proves that he had the permission of the President or of the Governor of a State or wear such uniform or dress, badge or mark or to carry such token: Provided that this section shall not apply to the wearing of any uniform or dress in the course of a stage play or in any bona fide public entertainment…”

There are reactions to this criminal code. Many Nigerians on the social media call for a change of the criminal code.

They say the law was made 50 years ago and that a fine of #10 ($0.22) for anyone found guilty is ridiculous.

This is a pointer that many criminal codes in Nigeria may require amendment.

The criminal code came under the spotlight recently when two soldiers who brutalised a physically challenged man for wearing a military camouflage shirt were demoted to Privates and sentenced  imprisonment with hard labour.

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