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Asked for comment, the South Korean government told the BBC in a statement that since establishing formal diplomatic relations in 1992, the two countries “have made together continuous efforts to develop their bilateral relations in a future-oriented manner o…

‘He was trying to get out of the way’ – boy, 5, shot dead in backyard

A little boy shot dead while playing in his yard in Lavender Hill will never get to wear the Christmas clothes his family bought, the chairperson of the local community policing forum said on Sunday.“He was trying to get out of the way but was hit in the head,” Gavin Walbrugh said.The child, 5, died…

Decision to revive District Six name restores stolen pride of people

The renaming of Zonnebloem back to District Six will not only right an historical wrong, but also restore the stolen pride of people whose ancestors and predecessors had their lives, hopes, memories and dreams destroyed along with their homes, and their history erased, Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa said on Wednesday.”In modern-day South Africa,…


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