Is Tim Omotoso a Prophet of Shame?

Is Tim Omotoso a Prophet of Shame?

Special Assignment, Hard-hitting investigative TV documentary show on SABC3 aired a breaking news story on Nigerian Prophet Tim Omotoso of Jesus Dominion International in Durban.

He is impending arrest for the alleged sexual abuse of many young women ( some as young as 14 years old ) across South Africa who decided to come forward to help expose the alleged crime. “Prophet of Shame” is produced by Lee McCabe and Cleopatra Jones.

Social Media had gone haywire after the airing with the hashtag #SpecialAssignment #TimOmotoso demanding prosecution of the man of God while his loyalists are defending him with the hashtag #handsoffTimOmotoso.

There will be another repeat on Thursday, 20th April 2017 at 21.30 CAT

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  1. Thando
    April 19, 11:19 Reply
    You guys should be ashamed of yourselves I can't wait to see the end of this.. I love u daddy
  2. Poe Tosh
    April 19, 17:10 Reply
    People you don't say anything to a Man Of God that is Highly anointed by God. ...😶
  3. smindlo
    April 20, 14:15 Reply
    What a shame taking south africans for granted . these prophets are liars and crooks ,promising miracles , Please Regulate this criminals who are taking our brothers and sisters for graned
  4. josglo
    April 20, 14:42 Reply
    Your comment..This is just one of the results of xenophobic going on in South Africa. They want foreigners to leave at all cost. That is why they addressed him Nigeria Pastor which was not their common way of relating to him.
  5. Joe
    April 20, 18:09 Reply
    All what these foreigners are here for is destroying this country, instead of going back home, going to the gyms in Nigeria then face Bokoharam instead of coming here and play hero and tough. Go back home and unleash your prophet skills and pray for Your Bokoharam brothers to bring back the innocent girls. If u think you are tough face Bokoharam, ningazosi nyanyisa last, VOETSEK
  6. smindlo
    April 20, 20:23 Reply
    we need to respect our sisters its painful to see them being abused in the name of so called God of miracles, its not xhenophobic not all foreigners are criminals, but its a duty of the council to regulate this churches that are abusing innocent people in the name of god, people must just go out and work , there is no manna from heaven, even jesus was working as a carpenter with his father
  7. zee
    April 20, 21:58 Reply
    The court wl decide whose telling the truth bt if prophet is guilty justice wl be served.
  8. apollo
    April 21, 07:52 Reply
    could people just stop screamimg xenophobia every time we try to defend ourselves from people taking advantage of us please . South Africans dont be fooled , not all foreign nationals are corrupt but they all have certain specific trends in behaviour. if the trend is harmful to south africans it must be addressed without the fear of us being called xenophobic please.
  9. Zan
    April 21, 12:06 Reply
    I have been at his church ,BT I stopped around November 2012. They found me at university of Zululand studying for Bsc Medical Science.they advased me to attend almost everyday services at the local branch Richards Bay and write "blood of Jesus "to my exam answer scripts as a result I failed,that was 2009 -2010. In 2011 I got nursing course at Ngwelezane Hospital of which I didn't finish because ofbtrauma of what was really happening in the church. These allegations are absolutely true.before I left ,to most us he was masturbating into our thighs.I regret the day I met his representives coz they held my life back.
  10. Abba
    April 21, 16:00 Reply
    God have mercy on us all who comment without facts and to prophet. Don't judge so that you cannot be judged
  11. S: B: O
    April 22, 10:49 Reply
    God is amazing, nd i tank God 4 making 2 meet Prophet Tim Omotoso. I love him he change ma story nd ma lyf. Dis ting happened yrs ago in d tym of Joseph d son of Jacob. Dey accused Joseph of rape nd he was arrested. I love Jesus in Prophet Tim omotoso.
  12. God Oracle
    April 22, 12:09 Reply
    Prophet's of God are instrument to kill and to save, repair and to destroy, forget the country he came from, if u think u can acuse God elect and go free u must pay by death, as for me Prophet E.A Charles am in my country because and my region because l hate to be intimidated by some one when am right so since am in my place if u try me u die, any country l am if u try me by mistake u die by correction. Dont joke with spiritual oracles "MOG". A country can colaps because of just one man of God. So be careful with Tim South Africa, Thank u,
  13. Mama Chikomomeka
    April 22, 21:09 Reply
    It is possible that Omotoso may not be a christian in the first place as it is impossible to please God when you are not His child. Pastoral is a calling to servant hood not to wealth and sex!! If proven guilty, then he too needs help and owes the world and the Church of God an apology.
  14. Lakhiwe Bhembe
    April 30, 21:38 Reply
    Fellow South Africans this is not just a matter of who's right or wrong, I am a sinful man and yet The Christ told me long ago about the man and all the evil he has committed to him and The Father. At first i was so furious and busted in flames i even man handling-ed Mr Tim Omotoso Because i was lacking the true Mercy and Grace of the Father and the True wisdom of Sophia Of Ehe Epignoa(The Mother) but more important The Peace of the One and Only Son. As for those who where gathering at Secunda's branch knows about this but instead they persecuted me fought me in every way some spitted when seeing me telling people that i was demonic to say such things about the man of God and i ended up in jail for proclaiming the word of God but i believe and completely trust in the Lord as he had told me. I went to his branch in Durban 32 Melbourne street where by after i told him the message that i was given by God and his respond was a lie of-which i was told that i must never believe a word he says concerning the matter and it happened that he told me i must open the Bible and whatever its written that it shall come to pass the massege was on the book of 1 kings 13 vs 1 and it hit him suddenly he told me i should not continue reading of-course i knew what was happening but he chose to lie even though he knew me from the heavens and he was given a command by The christ but he refused to obey. i forgive him for everything that he has done to me wish that all my people would do the same and his fate shall be decided by the heavens. SHALOM!!!!!!! Please dont be quick to judge Pray for the man

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