Part 1: He Who Loves Not His Country Can Love Nothing

17 February 2018

Barrister Austin Okeke Writes from South Africa

I shall attempt, in the coming weeks to guide our minds on a path we should travel and a mission we must channel our collective energies, to at least make a significant contribution to bring about the change we so desire for our country Nigeria and indeed the entire African Continent.

It is time we raise our voices of reason as honourable and courageous people, against the rot in our polity. We must wrestle power from these dinosaurs that have for too long ceased power from the electorates. The buzz word during elections in Nigeria is “they have delivered this and that State or Local Government”

Little wonder why people are very reluctant to registered for a Permanent Voters Card “PVC”, reason being that, whether or not you cast your vote, they will rig the votes and deliver their constituencies to their masters for mere peanuts.

It is time we shove aside these greedy cabals that have forever recycled political positions amongst themselves. There is nothing like, “they won’t let us”. I say no, because they are finished and are scared.

Mugabe and Zuma have exposed how very hollow their minds are. This exposé is telling of the degree of their selfishness, both Mugabe and Zuma having unsuccessfully attempted to impose their wives on the electorates. How very devious.

This brings to mind, Paul Biya of Cameroon, Museveni of Uganda, Equatorial Guinea President, and Buhari of Nigeria. Now we have two presidents in Kenya. Laughable.

These people are monsters , and are hell bent on killing their people and shedding more blood in order to remain in power. Blood suckers. They must all fall, and soon. Did I hear that Joseph Kabila of the Democratic Republic of Congo has now agreed not to further run in the coming elections? After dozens have died protesting against his long stay in power. I suppose he did not learn a lesson or two from the late Mobutu Sese seko who was overthrown by his late father Laurent Kabila. The Burundian President wants to stay in power forever too.

It is time we take back our destinies from the strangle hold of these dinosaurs. They are not our friends, not now, not ever. They do not mean well for us.

Take a look at Austria, France, Canada and most recently Liberia. These Heads of States and Government are within your age bracket and younger. Yet, you are happy to sit in your comfort zone, and to surrender your destinies and the future of your children and posterity to these greedy and selfish leaders that have nothing to offer. They never had. The cheese has moved my dear people, you must go out there and look for it.

These greedy leaders deliberately have crippled the younger generation below theirs in order to continue looting, after which, they either hand over to their wives, their cronies or their children whom they are busy grooming abroad, to take over their positions by the time they go the way of all flesh. No, it is to avoid prosecution for their evil actions and deeds.

The trend on the African Continent is to mortgage our natural resources to the Chinese and the West. These leaders invite the Chinese and the West, ask for briefcase full of wads of hard currencies, in exchange for our resources to be mined and shipped out of our Continent.

At the recently concluded African Union Summit in Ethiopia, it was discovered that the Chinese had bugged all the computers inside the AU Secretariat, just to gather and collect our secrets. Why won’t they?

The Chinese government built and equipped the AU Secretariat in Addis Ababa as a kind donation to our dumb leaders. Kind donation or a Trojan horse?

The Chinese government assisted in the construction of rail lines along the coast of East Africa. Why? To make it easy for them to transport the mined solid minerals to the seaports for onward shipment to their country. Brilliant.

Such is the nature of the relationships our leaders enter into on our behalf and on behalf of our future.

It is time we say no to these day light robberies taken place right under our noses.

It is time we organize ourselves in whatever platform, go out there and say ” This is our Land” We are stakeholders as well and are here to partake in the management of our God given wealth. Nobody will do it for you if you don’t.

It is time we say enough is enough, we are tired of self exile, tired of being driven out of our land and sold as modern day slaves.

It is time we stop living from hand to mouth. In the abundance of our God given wealth, we shan’t starve any longer, we shan’t suffer anymore.

What is the essence of life without freedom. Freedom to express yourself, freedom to challenge the status quo, and the freedom to defend your life and livelihood. Freedom to harness your potentials and to prosper.

He who loves not his country can love nothing. Lord Byron once told his county men, and they went to war to defend their land.

Fight that you may die, run that you may live, but what is the essence of life without freedom? William Wallace in Braveheart.

Your spirit will not germinate until you die. Jesus Christ is living proof. Fear not for I am with you always.

There is a wind of change blowing on the Continent. It takes the discerning mind to recognize it and it takes the wisdom of the discerning mind to reach out to others and say to them “IT IS TIME”

I thank you.

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Barrister Austin Okeke Writes From South Africa

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