Akintayo Oriyomi Bello popularly known as “King Yomi Akinz” hails from Ondo town in Ondo State, Nigeria. He studied music education and Psychology at Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, also received B.Ed in Music Education at the University of Ado Ekiti.

King Yomi Akinz and his Songitos play the Juju music which is a popular genre to the Yoruba and a bit of Igbos. They make the best of traditional beats, vibes and some elements of Afro Beats. Though,  both genres of music have similar percussive and string elements.

The New Album Launch {OWO EPO} is will be held at the Pretoria Manor Guest House Hall in Pretoria on the 22nd of September, 2018.


My major aim is to bring back our almost forgotten cultural values into my music. I learned a lot from juju music performances when I was a teenager. their songs or music thought me so many proverbs, norms, and values. My inspiration has always been to keep the values high, this I believe will make way for our next generation
Numbers of Songs:
* Owo Epo { the hands that Flourish}
* My Fans
* Salewa ft. Alpha Royce
* AYIDSA {association of Yoruba in Diaspora}
four {4} songs in total

Who worked with me? I must say that there are 3 people who have worked endlessly to make this album a reality.
* THE SONGITOS My band guys are fantastic and unresting to making this dream a reality. this album wouldn’t have been possible if they had refused or derailed from the love we share.
*, MY PRODUCER, Mr. Olusheyeh is a Nigerian producer who has done extremely well for us. He is also the owner of Flocentric Studio where he produces both digital and analog musical works.
* Alpha Royce she is a South African pop artist, a composer and a model, She also featured in one of my track which I labeled Salewa.

I started performing as a chorister in church and I kept growing till date. I started with playing the Gong {Agogo}. However, I decided to have my own band and music style not because someone is not doing well but because our dreams differ with over 10 years.

I play some numbers of instruments. As a music student, you must have one major instrument that must be played to perfection and a few others as minor instruments. these I must say has exposed me to have been able to play the Alto Saxophone, Clarinet, Drums, Piano, Bass Guitar, and co.

Lots of our juju genres in the past all did exceedingly well to promote our culture and keep it high, a such, they all have a positive influence on my dream BUT Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey has been my major influence and musical mentor.

Whats Next? to the glory of God, after this album launch, I and the songitos will be looking into having an international Tour to promote our music, our culture, and values.

Immediately after this launching, all our tracks will be available on Itunes, YouTube, Tubidy Boom play, and co.

For any upcoming artist, I must say three things and please stick strictly to it
1. Put God First
2. Consistency
3. Dream Big

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