“Buhari and El Rufai in Focus “

13th November 2018

Barrister Austin Okeke Writes From South Africa

LUCID INTERVAL refers to a brief period during which an insane person regains sanity that is sufficient to regain the legal capacity to contract and to act on his or her own behalf.

It is a temporary period of normalization of a patient’s condition after a significant brain injury or during the course of an organic brain disorder.

This condition is more common in adults than children, it can last from minutes to hours.

NOVUS ACTUS INTERVENIENS a Latin term for an intervening unforeseeable event that occurs after someone’s (defendant) negligent act or conduct, which act or conduct operates to precipitate or worsen the loss of another person (plaintiff).

The defendant is not liable for the loss precipitated or aggravated by such an event.

It means that the defendant’s unlawful act or conduct is excused, and therefore may be exonerated.


Buhari’s administration has been known for its policies of 95/7 percent; 7 percent of the vote is from the region that didn’t vote for him, as a result, must be punished for exercising their inalienable rights to vote from their conscience without let or hindrance.

Buhari is very notorious for open bigotry and discrimination against other tribes of Nigeria in his choice of Cabinet Ministers and Service and State Security Chiefs, these attitude to him are in a sound state of normalcy, albeit being abnormal in any given standard worldwide.

In the context of this article, we should, therefore, view him in that light; because abnormal is the new normal for Buhari.

Buhari who has openly professed his hate for the Biafra land, during his time as a Military head of state and now as a Civilian head of state.

To confirm the above assertions, all you need do is to travel by road in the entire Biafra land.

His hate is evident in every roadblock which you will encounter at every kilometer interval.

This is a lucid interval for Buhari. It is a sound state of sanity for him to unleash such inhumane treatment on others who are not of his tribe or his kind.

I need not mention the Joint Task Force of the Nigerian law enforcement agencies at these roadblocks, that extort money from the poor citizens who are going about their normal daily business of fending for their families, even in the absence of infrastructure to boost and support commercial activities in that region.

It is still a post-civil war policy of the Nigerian government to deprive and impoverish the people of Biafra.

I need not mention the bloodletting operations python dances and crocodile smiles in the Biafra land.

These are military operations code named, Python dance and Crocodile smile; this is in line with the 95/7 percent policy of the Buhari administration.

It is by force that one must vote for Buhari, it is no longer a matter of free choice.

Kindly note that nowhere else in the geographical area currently known as Nigeria has Buhari unleashed such evil, both in the form of roadblocks extortion and/or military operations to commit murderers.

Buhari neglecting the flashpoint where Boko Haram, a known terror group, is daily wreaking havoc with sustained attacks on the locals, knowingly and cowardly diverted his attention to the innocent people of Biafra just because he hates them with passion.

I need not remind us the scorn with which Buhari ignores the nationwide call to restructure Nigeria, in order to give expressions to the provisions of the universal human rights charters of the United Nations and the African Union.

What about the ugly reminder of Buhari relishing the illegal land grabs by Buhari’s government-backed foreign invaders from Chad, Niger Republic, Mali, and other Fulani countries.

These atrocities are taking place daily in the Middle Belt of Nigeria.

These land grabs come at the costs of, loss of lives and livelihoods to the owners of the land. It is genocide.

It is a matter of normalcy for Buhari to superintend over this barbarism. This is who and what he actually is, it is in his nature.

All of a sudden, I have read in the news that Buhari and cohorts have suddenly come to their senses and are now considering returning Nigeria back to the Regions as per 1963 Constitution.

They suddenly want to reopen closed seaports in Biafra land too.

For real? Or for the coming Presidential elections next February?

My question is, does this sudden conduct by them fall within the ambit of the definition of Lucid Interval or Novus Actus Interventions?

The reason is that it is substantially at variant with their normal conduct of insane ineptitude and barbarism. It is, in fact, an abnormality to have Buhari and cohorts reason in such a humane manner.

I, therefore, would submit that they should be excused for the simple reason of the presence of a Novus Actus Interveniens, pardon them because their senses are not in the normalcy mode, to say the least.

Buhari, I will not leave you alone until you have restored all the lives of the people you have killed.


Let us in this context view El Rufai’s Kaduna state as a microcosm of Buhari’s Nigeria.

El Rufai is the current Governor of Kaduna State Nigeria, which has witnessed government backed killings and murderers of Christians and non-conformists under the guide and watch of El Rufai.

Upon inauguration as the governor, he swore an oath to protect and serve the entire people of Kaduna state and all who live in it. Yeah right!

These murderers are worse than genocide and ethnic cleansing put together, anything short of this description is yet to be found in any dictionary. It is pure evil.

El Rufai, a known bigot, notorious for demeaning fellow humans for expressing divergent views on any topical issues; he has carved a niche in that field of endeavor; tribalism and religious bigotry.

His character, and consequently his conducts have mainly been formed and informed deeply within these abnormalities which have now become normal to him.

That El Rufai will suddenly abandon his normalcy and accuse Peter Obi of tribal bigotry is, in fact, a Novus Actus Interveniens and he must be excused for he knows not what he does. His senses are not correct.

El Rufai, forsaking all other bigots such as, Borno State Governor, Kashim Shettima whose ranting on the phone with the Governor of Ogun State Nigeria, Kunle Amosun is the mother of all bigotry.

I guess he never knew he would be outsmarted by modern-day technology, which recorded all the nonsense that he vomited through his mouth.

He basically stated the evil plans him and his Fulani people have for the people of Biafra.

He revealed how they will dump Biafra after having milked them of all their natural resources. They simply want to steal and steal and plunder and plunder until they all die.

El Rufai, comparatively, His Excellency Peter Obi, the next Deputy President of Nigeria come 2019, in every respect performed way better than you currently have done in Kaduna.

Come to think of it, what business have you in Anambra state on elections day if not to falsify the outcome of the people’s conscience just like you and Buhari’s APC recently did in Osun and Ekiti States of Nigeria.

Rigging of elections and fear-mongering have been the hallmark of Buhari and El Rufai’s administrations.

The respect for the rule of law is alien to them. One need not go further than Kaduna and the Middle Belt of Nigeria to ascertain these facts.

El Rufai, during your tenure as the administrator of Abuja the capital city of Nigeria, land grab and financial mismanagement were rife.

People still remember what you did with the pieces of land you had forcefully expropriated from Nigerians.

You went as far as illegally grabbing the land of a Prince of the Sokoto Caliphate. No wonder you are not in their good books.

Of course, you cannot be in their good books because the Caliphate is of human beings with sound minds and refined personalities. You can’t fit in there.

You have a history of violence and incitement of one against the other, this is indicative of the killings that occur in Kaduna under your watch. People are indeed not surprised about the mayhem happening daily in Kaduna because it has your signature on it.

Kindly don’t infest the rest of the country with your disease. Please stay in Kaduna and clean up the mess you have brought upon innocent citizens; do not migrate the hate to other parts of the country.

Better still, why don’t you rant against the terror Fulani herdsmen, and about the incessant killings they cause in Nigeria? Similarly, I will not leave you alone until you have restored the lives of the people you have killed.

People, shall we then construe their Lucid Interval as a Novus Actus or vice versa?

You be the judge.

I thank you.

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