Megan Thee Stallion Addresses Her Shooting In Raw New Freestyle

Megan Thee Stallion Addresses Her Shooting In Raw New Freestyle

It’s been quite the summer for Megan Thee Stallion. While she’s suffered her share of horrible personal traumas, her star has also continued to rise, most recently through “WAP,” her 2020-defining collaboration with Cardi B. And last night, at the 2020 VMAs, Meg took home the award for Best Hip Hop for her indelible track “Savage.” She popped a bottle of champagne in a short-but-sweet victory speech to celebrate. “We gon’ keep turning up,” she said as part of her acceptance.’s clear that Meg was feeling herself this weekend, and not just because of her VMA win — her second, after nabbing Best Power Anthem last year, where she also performed “Hot Girl Summer” during the pre-show. Earlier on Sunday (August 30), Meg posted a new freestyle to Instagram where she directly addresses being shot earlier this summer in an incident that led to the arrest of fellow rapper Tory Lanez. “Tic-tac-toe, I X this bitch / If a hit dog holler, I address that shit,” she raps to begin her freestyle, later mentioning the shooting specifically: “Got shot two times and I ate that shit / Bounced right back with a Revlon deal.” beat came courtesy of producer Lil Ju Made Da Beat, a.k.a. Max Julian, who Meg’s worked with before on a handful of songs that have helped define her: “Big Ole Freak,” “Cash $hit,” and “Captain Hook.” “Going through beats and I just had to do a Lil quick freestyle,” she wrote in the caption. “@liljumadedabeat send me another pack.” Meg was nominated for the three awards and won one last night at the 2020 VMAs. Find out all the night’s winners right here.
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