Dr. Okanlomo commemorate the first anniversary of Yoruba Nation agitation in Johannesburg

Yoruba One Voice, an organization with a mission to promote Yoruba core values, unity, and collaborative efforts towards a prosperous and technologically advanced society in Yoruba Land held a rally in Johannesburg on October 1st, 2021 which is Nigeria, Africa most populous nation independence day from the British colonial rule.

The event was attended by about 100 members and notable leaders of the Nigerian community in South Africa like Siji Olorunsola Secretary YOV SA, Elizabeth Bola: President Egbe Obinrin rere SA & Social Sec YOV SA and Abiodun Oluwasanmi – YOV Organising Secretary SA and

The keynote speech was delivered by the secretary-general by Dr. Sina Okanlomo which are as follows;
Dear Omoluabi,
It is hard to believe that another year has passed since we first came together, to express our desire to exit the inhumane and unjust political contraption called Nigeria.
Between October of last year and now, nothing positive has come out of the Buhari-led administration other than pain, misery, heightened insecurity, and continued asset-stripping of the economies of Southern states, in favour of the moribund economies of the Northern States. Interestingly, up until now, national wealth is still being diverted in obscene ways to cater for the needs of the Fulani in foreign countries. In those countries, petroleum refineries, railroads and other developmental infrastructure built with Nigerian money have become the norm. All these were done without recourse to national security, other than the evil plan to relocate national wealth for selfish use.
In the main, the Fulani-led administration has become emboldened in its utter and disgraceful disregard for human rights and international law. As major sponsors of illegal kidnappings, banditry and Boko Haram, they continue to employ state resources in the maiming, kidnapping and killing of opposition elements.
Two major highlights of the Buhari administration successes in this area are:
 1. the inhumane kidnapping and torture of Nnamdi Kanu and his illegal and forceful removal from Kenya to Nigeria.
2.  the brutal and uncivil invasion of the premises of Chief Sunday Adeyemo a.k.a Sunday Igboho, where several lives and property were lost, culminating in the exit of the Yoruba Nation activist to the Republic of Benin where he has remained incarcerated ever since.
Be that as it may, I  salute all Yoruba sons and daughters, both at home and in diaspora, who have, within the past year, stood solidly behind their conviction and desire to seek an alternative new beginning, away from the overbearing stench of Fulani deception, disrespect and entitlement mentality.
Your unbroken resolve and energies to fight for a Yoruba Nation have continued to give hope to so many people in Nigeria and Diaspora. Your doggedness has served as the engine for exposing the evil intentions of the Fulani colonialists and bounty hunters.
You have shown through peaceful means – rallies, debates, diplomacy and cross-cultural networking, that you are unprepared to continue to accept the second class citizenry toga that was unduly bestowed upon each ethnic group other than the Fulani since independence. With one undiluted voice, you matched to the United Nations to demand a referendum to give effect to our joint aspiration of a Yoruba Nation. Brothers and sisters, your efforts have not gone unnoticed and your actions have not gone in vain.
Your actions have led to new awakenings and people have started debates around issues that were central to our quest for independence notably, the issue of population fraud and the mechanisms for the appropriation of national wealth. 
That is just the beginning. The second phase is to begin to demand transparency and true accountability from international financial and social development organisations regarding dealings with Nigeria. To  assess complicities and liabilities (where any), in the procurement, distribution and allocation of funding, particularly where the understandings and structure for those funding or loans have been altered to favour particular sections of Nigeria.  We must begin, as a matter of urgency to raise our voices against international arrangements deceptively procured in the name of a United Nigeria but diverted to support the Fulani colonial enterprise.
We must rise against any form of coercion regarding economic or social enslavement. We must collectively and roundly denounce the e-Naira project. It is nothing more than stealth to capture  diaspora money, as well as act as a conduit for illegal data mining designed to aggregate personal data for selfish use. We must, be particularly reminded of the trade-offs between International Data Protection Regulations and free for all systems where guarantees to privacy laws are practically non -existent. In other words, adoption of the e-Naira will provide a much easier route for Fulani colonialists to dip their dirty hands into your money, divest you of your financial assets at will and siphon same for the development of Fulani communities in neighbouring African countries. On top of that, control over access to personal data is completely lost and such data could be used for ulterior motives as was the case in the Nnamdi Kanu saga.
Want nothing of the eNaira scam otherwise, you shall be providing seed money for a Fulani Caliphate. The speed at which the “One Chance” e-Naira went to launch indicates the desperation of an evil government and is yet another fraud to keep their fingers on a vital diaspora revenue.  Diaspora revenue in 2018 alone (US23 billion) represented 6.1 of Nigeria’s GDP. These flows also represented a growth of 14% year-on-year from $22 billion in 2017. To put into perspective, Diaspora remittances translated to 83 % of the Federal government budget in 2018[1]

We cannot accept Fulani dominance as an alternative to British colonization, the term Yoruba- Fulani will not be tolerated in our lexicon like Hausa -Fulani.
Fulani must leave our land without further delay, Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Adeyemo must be set free.
As we gather today proudly, I wish to remind our brothers and sisters that we still have steeper hills to climb on our journey towards the promised land. We must move forward unapologetically, with the belief and conviction that victory is near. We must realize, that the fight in which we find ourselves is a fight for the souls of generations unborn. We are the only ones who get to decide whether the future generation is born into servitude and slavery or born into freedom and prosperity. Let us, through our voices, say no to injustice, and “grab” culture.
Let us continue to demand at every turn, nothing less than The Yoruba Nation!

God Bless The Yoruba Nation.


Dr KA Okanlomo
Secretary General YoV Worldwide.

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