Nigerian Doctor’s Forum SA slams Independent Media over allegation, seeks probe

The Nigerian Doctor’s Forum South Africa has issued a statement on Independent Media’s allegation on the abduction of the Sithole’s decuplets by a Nigerian doctor, their statement says;

The NDF-SA executive members have been following the news about the decuplets birth and the claims in the report brought up by the Independent Media Group.

The EXCO is appalled by these baseless allegations and direct attack on Nigerian Doctors. Dr. Emeka Ugwu, the NDF-SA President, put a call to Nigerian Consul General Hon Abdul Malik Ahmed to inform him of the situation. The Consul General has assured NDF-SA that the Nigerian missions in SA will be on top of the matter with us.

Going forward the EXCO assures members of the NDF-SA, that we are considering a number of options regarding the issue at hand, in order to clear our battered name. We will not tolerate false claims and xenophobic attack attempts on hardworking and dedicated Nigerian Doctors.

The Gauteng department of health has investigated the report and deemed it false. Therefore, legal action is in the offing against the media company. This is a positive step in rectifying the situation.

Let us all rest assured that NDF-SA EXCO will do everything possible to protect its members, and indeed the image of our organization, and country.

Further communication will be posted on the group platform, as matters unfold.

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