Nigerian Union to protest at the Nigerian Consulate on Africa Day

The Nigerian Union of South Africa has decided to march against double and illegal passport charges. The organization shared the following message on their official social media page as stated below:
 We call on all Nigerian citizens living in South Africa including professionals, entrepreneurs, traders, students, student organizations, geopolitical organizations, State organizations, and Local  Government Unions etcetera to come out In mass on the 25th of May, 2021 to demand the withdrawal of excessive charges dubbed “Diplomatic  Extortion” by the Consul General of Nigeria Johannesburg, South Africa His Excellency, Mr. Abdul Malik M Ahmed.

Fellow Nigerians and worthy compatriots, you deserve to be treated like human beings, you deserve to be heard when you are in pain by your government representatives, it is your right to express your frustration through a peaceful match.

You are protected by the constitution of the Republic of South Africa Section 17 of the Bill of Rights to protest against all forms of extortion, prejudice, intimidation, and Human Rights abuses!

Let’s meet at the Consulate General of Nigeria, 16 Rivonia
Road Illovo Johannesburg.

For further enquiries contacts:

074 844 5042

073 4822 732

061 402 3987

#No more extortion of Nigerians by the Consul General!

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