NICASA leadership crisis: fraud allegations surface in BOT Member resignation letter

L-R: Louis Ashinze NICASA BOT Member, Mr. Abdukmalik Ahmed, Consul-General of Nigeria to South Africa, Unidentified man, Ben Okoli NICASA President

The self-proclaimed apex organization for the Nigerians in South Africa ‘NICASA’ could be in a crisis with its leadership when a resignation letter from one of the members of its board of trustees was delivered to the NICASA secretariat. Mr. Louis Ashinze, a well-respected Nigerian entrepreneur in the community shared numerous concerns in his letter dated 16th November 2021. The businessman shared his disappointment in the leadership of NICASA because of its lack of transparency, accountability, and commando-style of leadership which led to the suspension of some of its executive members.

Although, Mr. Louis’ resignation was rejected by Honorable Sunny Atiti, on behalf of NICASA’s board of trustees chairman who asked him to withdraw the resignation letter and requested him to come back to continue to contribute positively to the growth of the organization. Mr. Louis’ impact in NICASA was his selfless services, commitment, dedication, and uprightness in his line of duties as described by Atiti.

According to our sources, NICASA’s leadership will be making necessary changes to ensure transparency as well as addressing all the issues that were raised by Mr. Louis in his resignation letter below.

This serves as a resignation letter as a member of the Board of Trustees of Nigeria Citizens Association (NICASA). My resignation is necessitated by my personal conviction and conclusion that NICASA has derailed from their founding principle and have turned into an organization without vision and witch-hunting place where those who asked for financial accountabilities and clear open transparency are regarded as enemies.

A few years ago, I was approached by Honorable Torino and Honorable Douglas Wenike to come on board to push for an association that will put the interest of Nigerians first above personal interest. I agreed to come on board and I was one of the financiers of the organization. I accepted to be a BOT member out of conviction by a trusted friend Hon. Douglas not because I want a position but to serve and contribute to the development and growth of our people. From my first day in NICASA I have remained loyal, contributed positive ideas at making the lives of our people better, 90 percent of the agreed program was never implemented rather the executive have been busy with power tussle and conspiracy form of government

 Following the election of a new set of executives, things change for the worst as the elected officers were not allowed to do their job. The secretariat becomes a graveyard that does not know how or what is going on in the organization. The financial secretary according to his own word was not allowed to perform his constitutional duties. He is not allowed to be a signatory to the organizational account or is he receiving SMS from the Bank. At the same time, Reverend Usifo was accused of not doing his job. The financial secretary or secretary-general of the organization does not know or cannot explain 60 percent of the expenses in the organization which is unauthorized.

From the inception of NICASA, I have invested my financial resources and energy heavily thinking I am working with those with the same minds and vision. The issue of the association financial report which the Secretary-General called fraud was never resolved. The BOT also failed to show capacity in this regard by failing to invite external auditors as promised. As a result, the secretary-general became a problem to the organization, Lies, conspiracy, and manipulations become the order of the day.

The first experience that finally opened my eyes to see that am dealing with power mongers, liars, and highly manipulative people was my personal experience as a member of the last convention organizing committee chaired by NICASA 2nd vice president. I personally made more than 30 calls and sent messages to many people, organizations, and companies. Many promised to donate to the organization’s account. As the event drew closer, I demanded to see the Association bank statement to enable us to know who has redeemed their pledges and follow up on others. My demand sparked a serious reaction as I was told the committee is to plan, raise money and not to probe or see the association account balance. Up till this present moment, I do not know if anyone that promised has donated or not. A very big embarrassment.

A joint BOT and executive meeting were then called by the Pragmatic BOT Chairman in Pretoria, in that meeting, I was accused by the PG of NICASA of ganging up against him for demanding a statement of account, transparency, and openness in the organization. The fall out of the meeting was the suspension of the SG, the expulsion of the Deputy SG who among his crime is sending a congratulatory message to the Newly Elected President of NUSA, I never knew NICASA and NUSA are at war. The Whatsapp message of intention to resign by the financial secretary was converted to a resignation letter in another public display of impunity. Three members of the National Executives who spoke about the financial reports of the organization were dismissed. This can never be coincidental but a well-planned and well-executed conspiracy project.

To me, I do not want to be named among those who closed their eyes when evil is done to our people nor do I want my children to be referred to as children of a man who saw evil and kept quiet. Today the highest form of legalized passport racketing is taking place in the Nigerian consulate and instead of NICASA putting pressure on the mission to end it, the leadership is concentrating all their efforts in covering up financial matters. My principles and what I stand for which are honesty and loyalty cannot allow me to continue to work with the present leadership of NICASA. I came to serve the people not to be served or take pictures with government officials.

I will continue to support any organization that has a vision and programs for our people. My focus now will be with my primary constituency and Ohaneze Ndigbo.
I want to once again thank the BOT chairman for his leadership skill. I have indeed learned a lot from his leadership skill and experience. He remains the only pillar holding the organization for now. I wish the members of the BOT well and pray for good health for everyone.
God bless Nigerians in South Africa.

Click here to download Mr. Louis Achinze resignation letter

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