Rest well God’s own son – A Tribute To Albert Adeyinka – Yvonne May

Yvonne May, a songwriter and recording artist and CEO of May’s Kitchen who wrote a tribute about Albert Mark Adeyinka on her Facebook profile with the following statement;

I found myself in a season I never saw coming, it was a replay and it did not feel good. It opened up things that were actually not properly covered and it felt fresh again. It was an assignment again that I did not ask for. The question is did I pass or fail? I went back in time but not to a very pleasant place goodness are we doing this again? Why though? Is this necessary? Whew
Adeyinka Albert Mark, my brother, my friend, my producer, my ministry partner, my legend, it’s been 3weeks and 2 days since you transitioned into glory and I am only able to write about you today hmmmm.

So much to say but I am taking it one day at a time.
Adeyinka Albert Mark, Eniyan Nla Eniyan Pataki that’s how I held you dear in my heart from the start. In pain we see purpose and in grief we find grace. I have asked God over and over why he put me in the position to care for you and nurse you till the very end and he gave me my answer and it was quite comforting even though I would still have wanted you here. Sounds selfish right. It was actually an assignment and I’m hoping I passed. At first, I thought I failed again or I lost again but I actually did not. God could trust me to take care of you and be there for you till the very end.

Such an honor to serve you Adeyinka and serve God in that capacity.You were a man of faith till the very end. It’s a great privilege for me that you trusted me enough to open up about so many things and I am glad you were able to let it out and let them go. You forgave easily, you had a deep relationship with God that last year as we drove to church every weekend, you would share your encounters with me i almost became jealous and I thought God was being partial but it was because you just wanted more of him daily and you kept going deeper and deeper in him.

Thank you for over 15years of friendship and for always having my back. Thank you for consulting God before you produced any of my songs. Thank you for reading the Bible with Olamide and both of you watching weird comedies on YouTube and teaching him the few things you taught him. You became his excuse for not wanting to go out with me anymore don’t worry I was not mad. You were a man of excellence and you displayed your skills, abilities, and talents exceptionally well full of the anointing. You never knew how to take accolades. I did not have to breathe twice for you to know how to accompany me. I have never told you what to play you just know, God has to give me another you Adeyinka.
You are now with your father the one you were so sure loved you till the very end. His name was on your lips till the end. You were a king here so I know you are there as a king also.

Rest well soldier, rest well Maestro, rest well anointed fingers, rest well God’s own son. Your name will live on through the works you created and I am grateful for your investment and support for my ministry. O se Adeyinka. I will be strong for you, I will heal faster than before cos you would want me to. Give Olumide a big hug for me tell him well done o. I was told you both were seen talking and laughing in a dream and both of you looked well. I am happy but should I be jealous?
When we are done working for the kingdom this side, we will see you again in the morning my personal person Sleep well.

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