One shot and two arrested in connection with ‘execution-style’ murder of a Nigerian in Kempton Park

A Nigerian was shot and killed assassination style, opposite Engen garage, on central Street Kempton Park at about 12pm on Monday 3rd, January 2022. The gunshot drew the attention of a plain cloth police officer who was walking down the street. He observed, and responded by shooting at the suspected killer who ran into a waiting car and fled the scene.

According to an eye witness, there was a police car with some officers inside by the traffic light who saw what had happened. They pursued the suspects and called for a backup. The suspects were intercepted in the gillooly interchange where more shots were fired and one suspect was shot and the other two were arrested.

At the scene of the crime in Kempton, the SAPs forensic team was already carrying out their investigations with some Nigerians observing from a distance.

The police assured us they will investigate to see if they are linked to other crimes that had happened in recent times.
The Nigerian community also appreciated the police for their swift reaction and response to the crime.

‘We are pleased that police visibility has increased within the Kempton Park area, we believe that this situation will reduce the crime rate in the area. We Identified the victim at Kempton Park to be a Nigerian. We have his identity but won’t release it to the public until the families are contacted, ‘ said Ben Okoli, NICASA President

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