Consul-General Ahmed refuses to meet with NUSA protesters outside the consulate

The Nigerian Union of South Africa members went ahead with the protest against ‘double and illegal passport charges’ as claimed by them, despite the consul-general & NICASA’s warnings.

The protest which started around 9 am this morning and ended shortly after noon time was met with a cold shoulder from the Consul General, His Excellency Honorable Malik Mike Ahmed Abdul. The NUSA members were met with private armed response security and were denied access to the consulate according to NUSA.

We chatted to Adetola Olubajo the president of NUSA and he also shared his thoughts about the resistance met at the consulate.

“The consul-general didn’t come out to receive us or the memorandum and he was very hostile to the members of the media present and to all of us. He actually contacted the services of armed response security agents who are armed to the teeth with assault rifles. Also, the police were sent by the Consul-General to stop us from protesting until we read the gathering act to them. The police later went back to him allow us to picket in front of the consulate but he refused. We had to force ourselves into the premises and do the peaceful protest without any violence as we exercised our rights to the fullest.,” said Adetola


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