Nigerian man dies after alleged Police brutality in Johannesburg-report

Nigerian welfare association ‘NICASA; reported the death of another Nigerian, Mr. Kingsley Ezeh whose death was circumstantial in the hands of the Johannesburg Metro Police Department officers who invaded his Tyre shop in the late evening of Tuesday, 4th January 2022.

According to members of the Nigerian community in the area, the late Mr. Ezeh was in his business when the metro police officers with an unmarked car came with another of his brother whom they had arrested earlier at a different location.
What led to the death of Mr. Ezeh remains a mystery that will be unraveled by the police investigation.
The shop is fitted with a CCTV camera which we believe will be instrumental and helpful in unraveling the case.

The police had claimed that the late Mr. Kingsley had ingested a substance they believed is a narcotic when they came into his shop. They claimed he had suffocated by the substance he ingested. Paramedics were called to the shop where he was confirmed dead on the scene.

The leadership of NICASA and Ohaneze Ndigbo were on the ground to monitor the situation and ensure that protocols are followed to secure evidence. The late Mr. Kingsley Ezeh is a native of Oduma, Aninri Local govt Enugu State. He is survived by his wife and children. We consider his death as an unnecessary and systemic xenophobic way of killing Nigerian nationals by the members of the South African Police. We are of the opinion that even if Mr. Ezeh was a criminal, but not conceding to it, the police could have arrested and prosecuted him.

This is one death too many where Nigerians are arbitrarily killed without justification. NICASA appeals to Nigerians to remain calm while they await the post mortem to be conducted and the result. They also assure Nigerians that they shall follow this case to its logical conclusion. NICASA also appreciate the Consul-General who visited the victim’s shop and met with his bereaved wife and relatives. His Excellency along with the NICASA leadership also visited the police station to express their concern and desire to bring the culprits to justice.

In responding to the Consul-General, the Colonel in charge of the investigation assured the Consul General, NICASA, and Ohaneze leadership that investigation into this case will be thorough as nothing will be swept under the carpet. Our legal team is currently looking at the case and will do the needful until justice is served. NICASA sends their heartfelt condolence to the family of the deceased.

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