Full list of passport agents released by the Nigerian Consulate

Consul General, His Excellency Honorable Malik Mike Ahmed Abdul

As part of the restructuring operations to the Nigerian consulate made by the new Consul-General His Excellency Honorable Malik Mike Ahmed Abdul.was the applications by proxy for passports. The Nigerian community were informed in a press release dated 26th May 20201 with ref no: CGJHB/AD/11/VOL.1 that applications by proxy will henceforth only be accepted by the following duly registered agents which are

Business NameRegistered OwnerTelephone
Banesa Khanya Travel & ToursIfeanyi Maurice Onuoha0734948082
Walxx Travel and Tours KessingtonTaiye Omoregbee0613240490
Wideworld Trading Travel & ToursValentine Emeka Chikwendu08409227081
St Val and Helen Solution Pty LtdEmeka Val Ezeonyebuchi0843773551 / 0731039834
Josijo Business GroupJosiah Gordon0671255528
Oj Job EnterpriseJames Onyebuchi Okafor0731666655
Waleus Travel and ToursBamidele Nafiu Shittu0761346989
Femtrans General Trading (Pty) LtdMoses Olufemi Ifabiyi0711277991
Jerimoyamah General Merchant (Pty) LtdTemitope Ayo Elugbadebo0845404786 / 0787042870
CEPP Holdings (Pty) LtdClement Hosa Akhidenor0738113807

The consulate further explained, for the avoidance of doubt, no applications by proxy are to be accepted from any person/entity outside the above-listed. The aforementioned business has affirmed that its engagement is contingent on strict adherence to regulations outlined by the mission. In this regard, the businesses have undertaken to abide by the following code of conduct:

The passport renewal process established by the mission shall in no way or manner be circumvented, manipulated, abused, or otherwise undermined. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes all stages of renewal, namely application submission, appointment scheduling, capturing, processing, production, and collection. The transparency, fairness, and integrity of the system shall be respected;

No undisclosed services may be rendered, and fees charged must not exceed the approved amounts;

The staff of the mission may not be contacted or pressured in any way to facilitate or expedite processing of submitted applications;

Services provided only be rendered by the staff of the business that is duly registered by the mission. Consequently, all forms of outsourcing or sub-contracting are prohibited;

Submitted applications must be accompanied by a signed acknowledgment by applicants absolving the mission of any issues that may arise from applicants’ decision to seek the assistance of a third party;

Periodic submission of details of all services rendered to applicants, as well as fees charged, must be made known to the mission;

Mission reserves the right to assess the quality of service delivered, and may terminate the agreement if deemed necessary. in this case, a notice of one (1) week shall be given, during which no new applications may be received;

Failure to adhere to these regulations warrants summary revocation of all permissions and privileges extended by the mission, forfeiture of bond deposit, immediate disengagement by the mission. The engagement is subject to termination or review on 25th November 2021;

The Agents shall endeavor to settle all disputes with clients within a reasonable time;

All confirmed allegations of fraud or extortion of clients, if proven, could lead to the termination of the agreement;

The mission shall not be held liable for the engagements between the agents and all clients who elected to seek their services;

The OIS shall endeavor to provide the mission with weekly updates of all applications received through Agents.

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