Meeting with Consul-General postponed to Friday

Consul-General His Excellency Honorable Malik Mike Ahmed Abdul
Consul-General His Excellency Honorable Malik Mike Ahmed Abdul

A planned meeting with the Nigerian consulate called with presidents, vice presidents, and secretaries-general of 16 Nigerian organizations in South Africa today has been canceled. A source only confirmed with Nigerians in South Africa this morning.
The meeting has now been postponed to Friday. The reasons behind the postponement are not clear. 

The postponed meeting is about ‘Reaffirming our unity and ensuring efficient consular services to Nigerians in South Africa.’
Last night the Ohaneze Ndigbo South Africa (ONSA) released a statement stating that they were dismayed although not surprised that they were excluded from the planned meeting.

The ONSA leadership said it had decided not to be uninvited guests or gate crashers in an event “it was not considered fit to attend.”
However, a reliable source today says that ONSA was invited and that it was just an omission. 
“Ohaneze Ndigbo and the Nigeria Students Association in South Africa (NSASA) have been included in the list of attendees.”
“Igbo community has many groups in South Africa and they are interwoven. One person can belong to different Ndigbo groups. However, Ohaneze was invited but erroneously omitted from the list.

The meeting is not about association matters but to have representatives of all ethnic diversity of Nigerians living in South Africa based on gender and socio-economic status to which the consulate renders services to. The meeting should not be turned to petty politicking, ” the source states.

Below is the initial list that was circulating of invited organizations to the proposed meeting.

  1. Association of the Yorubas in Diaspora South Africa -AYIDSA
  2. Northern Nigerians in South Africa NNISA (AREWA)
  4. Odua Progress Union OPU
  6. Nigerian Women Association NWASA
  7. Niger Delta Union
  8. Christian Association of Nigeria CANSAF
  9. Nigerian Pastors Association NPASA
  10. Pentecostal fellowship Nigeria PFN
  11. Onowu Ndigbo Eze in Council.
  12. 3 Members of NICASA BOT.
  13. Association of Nigeria nurses and midwives.
  14. All Nigerians Nationals in Diaspora ANNID
  15. Nigerian Doctors Forum.
  16. Nze Charles Otogboro.
  17. Ohaneze Ndigbo
  18. Nigeria Students Association in South Africa (NSASA)
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