Watch: Consulate’s press conference for the Nigerian community in South Africa

The first-ever press conference organized by the Nigerian Consulate in history was hosted by the Consul General, His Excellency Honorable Malik Mike Ahmed Abdul on the 4th June 2021 in Johannesburg. The 3hours 25minutes video recording of the meeting with the theme ‘Setting the record straight’ was an attempt for the consulate to clear the extortion allegation from the disbanded Nigerian Union South Africa was largely criticized and condemned by the invited guests. The consul general debunked the myth and assumptions on the extortion allegations by explaining the reasons behind the decisions and the transparency on the payment for these fees. Adetunji Omtoola and Olaniyi Abodedele’s session were part of the highlight of the event when questions about immigration issues and Nigerians’ plight on the fees were asked. The recorded video below will provide more insights into the community engagement meeting at the Nigerian consulate in Johannesburg.

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