NNISA stands with Consul General, Hon Abdulmalik M. Ahmed

NNISA, Northern Nigerians in Southern Africa wishes to make its position clear on the felonious protest and attack against our Consul General, Hon Abdulmalik M. Ahmed by a few individuals in Gauteng province. There is a common saying, ‘WHEN YOU FIGHT CORRUPTION, CORRUPTION WILL FIGHT BACK’. NNISA comprehends the act of this felonious protest in this context.

Three issues have been raised as the points for the protest; (1) re-installment of R120 as admin fees; (2) A penalty fees of R2000 for a case of lost passport; (3) Regularization of Agents for processing of passport. NNISA has carried out a thorough investigation of these three issues, and TOTALLY stands with the Nigerian Consulate Johannesburg on these matters. Refer to the circular on Restructuring of Passport Agent (Reference: CGJHB/AD/11/Vol. I) and Press Release of 23 May, 2021 (Reference: CGJHB/K/130/Vol. I) – all available on the Consulate Website www.nigerianconsulatesa.org

NNISA will not waste time to discuss the issues raised as they have been convincingly addressed in the two documents referred to above. NNISA believes that the individuals behind it are hiding under these three issues with the sole purpose of achieving their personal motives, having taken the fight against the mission to Nigeria, and failed.

NNISA would therefore like to bring your attention to the main issues:

1.The protesters were targeting at Hon Abdulmalik M. Ahmed, not as the position he stands in, which carries an undertone of sabotage towards his assignments in South Africa. It was stated from the spoke person of the protesters, “not against our government, not against our Consulate General, but against the man at the helm of affairs”. This clearly indicates that it is now a personal level attack because the stipulated fees that are introduced has Federal Government approval.

2.Attacking your own Consul-General is primarily foolish in that it is “biting the hands that feed you”. This constitutes not only an act of treason but terrorism. Terrorism being “the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims”. In this case, the aim is having their way in consular matters and services that was blocked by the ongoing restructuring and transformation by Hon Abdulmalik M Ahmed in providing befitting services to all Nigerians in South Africa.

3.It is worth noting that recently the Nigerian Consulate General Johannesburg was rated the most effective and efficient passport processing station among all the NIS stations in Nigeria and abroad. Furthermore, those of us that have lived here long enough can attest that, in the past, application for a passport renewal at this same consulate was characterized by lots of uncertainties. For example, it took many months and even up to six months has been recorded, and that is, if one is lucky to be issued the passport. Now, with the humble transformation and effort of the entire staff of the Consulate, within a short period of time, and with efficient communications, one can get a renewed passport with utmost ease.

NNISA is so delighted and appreciative of the work of our Consul General in providing efficient service delivery to all Nigerians, irrespective of our regional or religious divides. A testimony to this is the fact that none of the 10 approved Passport Agents, is from the Northern part of Nigeria, a region where the Consul General belongs. In addition, this does not mean there are no Passport Agents from Northern Nigeria. Why are they not on the list, or complaining in the same way?

NNISA, in TOTALITY rejects all acts of sabotage against our able Consul General, and as an association, is committed to support the Consulate in its vision of providing effective and efficient service delivery to all. NNISA hereby encourages the Consul General and all his staff to continue the good fight against CORRUPTION in all aspects of service delivery offered by the mission. In addition, that, this felonious act by a few disgruntled individuals should not discourage the Consulate in its vision to maintain the notable integrity and high standard that currently characterizes the Johannesburg Consulate, which is as a result of their excellent and exceptional service delivery.

It is important to know that NNISA position is not a blind stand, his excellency found himself in a situation of taking over the responsibility of the consulate as a snake that seems to be killed but its head is not cut off. The steps he has taken so far has showcase him as a true leader and a man of courage, this we salute.
God Bless the Consul General, Hon Abdulmalik M. Ahmed!

God Bless the Nigerian Consulate General in Johannesburg!
God Bless our Country, the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

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