‘JollofWarsRevisted’ on Youth Day in South Africa. Who go win am?

Adetunji Omotola and Maleshane Makhale, founders of African Solutions Express are hosting the first ever Jollof Rice competition in South Africa on Youth Day (June 16, 2021) under the banner of Politics, Economics, Wine & Food (PEWF) 

We suspect that many Africans are probably aware of the jollof-rice ‘wars’, especially between Ghana & Nigeria as to who cooks the best jollof rice.

Ironically neither of these two powerful African rivals can claim to be the original source of jollof-rice which originally comes from Senegal.

The variant from Senegal is known as Thieboudienne. The Gambian variant is called Benachin. Gambia and Senegal used to be one country, Sengeambia

We have secured a delightful Congolese restaurant called Karibu Wote in Sandton for this occasion on the 16th June, coinciding with our National Holiday – Youth Day in the endeavour to elevate dialogue

It will host a wine tasting & exhibitors (such as Sena wines who add a delectable & sophisticated touch to de-alcoholised alternative) – mechanism to ventilate the Africa Free Trade Agreement in a manner that is both lucid & meaningful. 
Themed around African food, wine & trade

Key partner is Tolokazi – Brewsters Craft – which boasts the first black female majority owned brewing company in SA

Excited to partner Prest lunch and Dinner Cruise, to offer a luxury weekend away & yacht boat cruise for the lucky winner

Ghananian High Commission is generous to offer the vibrant Kente scarf & indigenous Chocolate as a goodwill/memorable gesture – to use the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of Kofi Annan’s demise to promote Ghanaian goods in SA given that it is the host of the AfCFTA

Seek to align in the spirit of the AU – this year’s theme being: “Year of the Arts, Culture and Heritage: Levers for Building the Africa We Want.” 
Utilize our platform to promote a positive discourse pertaining to all matters African

It is with great joy to announce that SABC will be profiling our event on their lifestyle magazine show – Trendz.

We also have partnerered with The African Dream – Media channel in the US committed to a Pan African agenda. 

Elated that Kaya FM may also be on the cards to provide exposure.

Only 30 spaces available, please don’t delay – secure your place today. 

See invite for details. 

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