Urban Ethnic Market to host food tasting day on June 16

Image from Urban Ethnic Market Facebook Page

The Urban Ethnic market Johannesburg is hosting a food tasting day on June 16 from 10 am until 12 pm.  This is an opportunity for food lovers to taste dishes from different parts of Africa and also get recipes for various dishes. 

Located in Blackheath in Johannesburg, the Urban Ethnic Market, which opened in 2017, is a shop with favourite African foods, beauty and skincare products, and fabric. 

They cater to various African and Caribbean grocery needs.

Image from Urban Ethnic Market Facebook Page

The owner of the shop Lovelyn Bassey says they had food tastings pre-COVID and the tastings have always been a way for people to experience different foods and then know what to purchase.

“Pre-COVID we had food tastings where people from different places could taste dishes from different African countries. It’s a way to travel without a passport.

The food tasting has always been a way for people to experience different foods and afterwards purchase ingredients to try it out for themselves.”

Bassey says the shop also provides online options for shopping. “We also launched an online store shortly after the opening of the physical store to give customers much more options and ways to shop.”

The June 16 food tasting is also an opportunity to introduce the shop’s new boutique store.

“This food tasting is also an introduction to all our new boutique store which was quite a delight for us to create. It’s a welcoming space for everyone from everywhere. We will once again travel to all four corners of Africa and we will be packing them in individual containers so everyone can be safe while tasting. We look forward to welcoming everyone on Wednesday the 16th,” says Bassey.

You can follow the Urban Ethnic Market on Facebook and Instagram @urbanethnicmarket and you can also shop online from the comfort of your home on https://urbanethnicmarket.co.za.

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