Nigerians in South Africa are more United than other Africans.

Nigerians in South Africa are more United than other Africans.

The notion that Nigerians living in South Africa are more united than other Africans living here was recently re-affirmed by a top Zambian citizen.

Susan Zulu, a Zambian professional who has lived in South Africa for about 22 years echos the same sentiments.

She says: “Zambians are not very united when they get to South Africa. Nigerians call one another brothers and help one another more than Zambians do”.

However, she happily says unity is growing among the Zambian community in South Africa now, compared to many years back.

Susan also calls on African entrepreneurs to explore massive business opportunities (farming, fish farming, vegetables…) that are abound in Zambia.

Remember Gumare, a top Zimbabwean account is South Africa strengthens the notion of unity among Nigerians. He articulates thus: “Zimbabweans in South Africa are not united. I envy the unity I see among Nigerians. Nigerians even support each other’s business.

Many in South Africa believe that more Africans became victims of past xenophobic attacks in South Africa because they were not very united.

They claim Nigerians are hardly harassed or killed during Xenophobic attacks because they present a united front.

Ironically, Nigerians in South Africa do not believe they are united. The Yorubas believe the Igbos are the united ones, yet the Igbos do not believe they are united.

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