To John Nnia Nwodo, President Ohaneze Ndigbo.

“Before or After The Fact?”

25th August 2018

Barrister Austin Okeke Writes From South Africa.

John Nnia Nwodo “good morning”

Having read your press release that came after our mothers, wives and sisters were released after days of their illegal detention in Owerri Imo State Nigeria by the Buhari administration. I indeed thank you for your magnanimity, your kind words have been noted.

I have also noted that you were awkwardly silent during the period of their illegal detention and humiliation.

If I am wrong, why didn’t a press release from you go viral just as it went viral after the fact? Please prove me wrong.

I wonder when it became a taboo for a father, not only to speak out in defense of his children and wards but also be prepared to lay down his life for their sake.

I read with amusement how you went about condemning the atrocities of the current administration against the Igbo people and their interests.

You also mentioned the Fulani herdsmen and Miyetti Allah their militia wing, you expressed sympathy for their Igbo counterpart, IPOB. What a relief.

This your antics begs a question? Do you have anything to do with the prescription of IPOB?

If not, why then did you not come out vocal in defense of our women protesters whose sins were to demand the whereabouts of the IPOB leader, their child.

I hope, most sincerely that your silence before the fact, may not be interpreted by many to mean, that you don’t want to be seen to have anything to do with IPOB; a terror group, thanks to you and the Igbo Governors.

If the above interpretation were to be correct, then I suggest you remove, from “your after the fact” press release, any reference to the Fulani herdsmen and Miyetti allah because they both are on the international list of terror groups. Lest you are arrested by the International law enforcement agencies.

I also read from your press release that Igbo people are not happy about the way they are being treated in the geographical area currently known as Nigeria.

Is that so?

Who then sent you to go say the anti-Igbo and anti-self-determination speeches in Lagos and London?

I never recall any such resolution coming out of the general assembly or the executive committee or the Imeobi of Ohaneze. In actual fact, you didn’t call for such meetings before going public with your proclamations against the Igbo interests.

Well, should you have suddenly retracted, I say good morning?

I thank God that reality has finally dawned on you. It is not twilight yet.

I further kindly ask you to suggest practical ways of stopping the imminent operation nondescript beast dance 3, that the Buhari army is planning on Igbo land, in order to mark the anniversary of the operation nondescript beast dance 2 that killed and maimed unarmed Igbo youths who were simply exercising their rights to protest against oppression.

Kindly also tell us about your practical plans to remove the uncountable roadblocks in Igbo land whence Buhari extorts money from Ndigbo.

Christmas rush is fast approaching for Buhari and the 40 thieves. Don’t let them make a meal of our hard earned wealth.

I hope they fail in their bid to illegally enrich their pockets; by the sweat of our Igbo families who shall be returning to Igbo land to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Majority of the Igbo people are Christians, and that we shall remain. Not even the Islamization plan of Buhari will shake our resolve and belief.

Igbo people have heard enough verbose speeches from you and your political leadership; they want action from the leadership.

It is time to walk the talk.

Daily and incrementally, Igbo people are being impoverished right under our noses. What measurable and immediate plans do you have as a leader to put a stop to these atrocities against your people?

This critical time calls for a demonstration of leadership.

Our strong-willed women are back home to their families. They are indeed very brave.

I see that Bravery is suddenly a missing word in the dictionary of our present-day socio-political leadership.

I thank you.

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Barrister Austin Okeke Writes From South Africa

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