Short Cut To Immortality

Short Cut To Immortality

Many people want to live long. Some don’t want to die.

The shortest route to immortality is not by you refusing to leave the earth. It is by doing something that lives on after you are dead.

Life becomes almost worthless when a man has no glorious or virtuous goal he pursues.

You ride in a car. It was invented by somebody.
You use a phone. It was invented by somebody.
You sit on a chair. It was invented by somebody.

You prayed in the name of Jesus. He was a man who lived twice and still lives.

He lived. He died. He arose. He lived again. He ascended and lives forever.

Jesus said: “Greater works than these shall ye do…”John14:12.

Which great work are you doing? Which great vision are you pursuing?

It is a sin to be ordinary. It makes our character unGodlike.

We were created in His image and likeness (Gen1:26).

We have no choice. We have to be like our heavenly Father.

Ironically, we don’t need more money, power or energy to do greater work. We just need to attempt great things.

Those who dig the ground and build wells invest more energy than those who give or use smart counsel to build great empires.

It’s not in the might. It’s in the mind.

Femi Oshin
Wall of Fire Ministry

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