South Africa is attracting more overseas visitors but fewer from Africa

South Africa is attracting more overseas visitors but fewer from Africa

More overseas tourists are choosing SA as a holiday destination, but visitors from the region and the broader continent declined in January.

Overseas tourists to SA increased to 245,074 in January, up 14% from the year-earlier period, Statistics SA data show.

The highest increase was tourists from France, up 34.1%, followed by a 28.6% increase in tourists from Sweden and a 28.3% rise in arrivals from China.

Tourism contributes about 9% of SA’s GDP, and the tourism industry employs 4.5% of the country’s total workforce.

Tourists from the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) decreased by 0.2% from 782,002 in January 2016, with the highest decrease at 8.7% for tourists from Botswana.

Tourists from the rest of Africa decreased by 4.3% from 15,048 in January 2016 with the highest decrease of 15.7% for tourists from the Ivory Coast.

Most visitors — 96.8% — were here on holiday, while the rest came for either business or to study.


Story: SUNITA MENON / BusinessLive

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