South Africans are ungrateful – Africans

Viral messages – video, audio, texts – are doing the round globally, with many Africans saying black South Africans are ungrateful.

Here is one of the video’s

The social media is also awash with angry comments against black South Africans who claim other African foreigners are taking their jobs.

However, research reveals that only a very few Africans are gainfully employed in South Africa.

Nigerians claim they have been blacklisted as criminals by the South African media and can hardly get a job.

Tunde Oloyaya, a Nigerian who has relocated back home said: “I don’t know the jobs they claim we are taking from them. I live in South Africa for two years, I can’t even get a permit not to talk of getting a job”.

Oloyaya says Nigerians in South Africa employ South Africans more than they employ Nigerians.

He says: “Go to Hillbrow and Central Johannesburg, you will see South Africans working for Nigerians”.

Paul Ibinabo, a Nigerian shop owner in Randburg says Nigerians can hardly get a work permit let alone get a job. “I think these attacks are being sponsored by some people. We struggle to even get a permit in this country. Most of us run our own businesses”.

There are also strong claims that those perpetrating the attacks are lazy South Africans and criminals who hide under protest to steal.

Meanwhile, the notion that black South Africans are ungrateful to other Africans is getting more popular globally.

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