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Is Nigeria’s population the biggest in Africa?

To the above poser, politicians who are using falsified figures to milk Nigeria will answer in the affirmative. But the contrary is the case if authentic census figures could be

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Nigeria was once an indisputable leader in Africa: what happened?

The traditional leadership and redeemer posture of Nigeria in Africa has, in recent years, been put into question. Issues like corruption and infrastructural decay have held the country down from playing a leadership role

147 stranded Nigerians await evacuation in South Africa

There are about 147 Nigerians stranded in South Africa due to the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic awaiting evacuation, it was learnt. This number is beside others who had signified interest

A man was sentenced to death via Zoom in Nigeria, sparking criticism from rights groups

Lagos (CNN)A man in Nigeria was sentenced to death via the popular video conferencing app Zoom this week, sparking condemnation from rights groups who described the ruling as inhumane. At

Return of Stolen Assets to the Nigerian People

On May 1, the transfer of $311,797,876 from the United States Government to the Federal Republic of Nigeria was completed in accordance with a February 3, 2020 trilateral agreement among

‘A ticking time bomb’: Scientists worry about coronavirus spread in Africa

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA—Late on Sunday evening, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, in a televised address to the nation, declared that COVID-19, the respiratory disease spreading globally, had become a

Coronavirus patient attempts to escape Lagos isolation centre in Nigeria

…over poor facilities, excessive heat, mosquitoes •Lagos tracks 120 other passengers on Turkish Airlines flight with patient •28 workers quarantined in Lafarge’s Ogun factory Following the detection of the first

Nigeria confirms first coronavirus case in Sub-Saharan Africa

Nigeria on Friday announced the first confirmed case of the novel coronavirus in sub-Saharan Africa. “The case is an Italian citizen who works in Nigeria and returned from Milan, Italy

What gives Nigerian students the confidence to use condoms

Condom use is the focus of various sexual health promotions among adolescents and young adults in Nigeria and other sub-Saharan African countries. Yet a significant proportion of young people still engage in

Should Nigeria have released Boko Haram suspects?

The Nigerian government recently announced that it had released about 1,400 Boko Haram suspects. The reason given was they had repented and were to be re-integrated into society. The government said the