Who qualifies for the different categories of permits and visas

The extension of the validity of visas or permits

a.. Applies to holders of visas or permits who have not departed the Republic of South Africa since the announcement of the national state of disaster in March 2020 and had arrived with a valid visitor’s visa between December 2019 and 14 March 2021.

b. Does not apply to any visa obtained on or after, or to persons who entered the Republic on or after 15 March 2021.

c. Apply by 30 September 2021

Send an email to [email protected] if you are renewing an asylum permit

Send an email to [email protected] if you are renewing a refuge status

Wait for an email from the Department of Home Affairs and follow the given instructions which include: completing a short form, signing it either digitally or printing, signing and canning it, scanning your previous/expired permit providing your telephone number, email address, and residential address

Reply to the Department of Home Affairs email by submitting the information requested documents in step 2
After submitting, wait for another email from the Department of Home Affairs that comes with either a permit extension or a referral letter requesting further information and/or that you should visit the RRO where your file is.

Extension of visas issued for more than 90 days up to 3 years, study visas, treaty visas, business visas, medical treatment visas, general work visas, critical skills work visas, retired person visas, and exchange visas

a. Applies to holders whose visas have expired during the national disaster

b. Apply at www.vfsgloval.com/dha/southafrica on or before 30 September 2021

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