Top Nigerian Journalist Receive Threats from “False Prophets”.

Top Nigerian Journalist Receive Threats from “False Prophets”.

Liar, traitor, destroyer, infidel, scumbag, devil worshiper, sellout, devil, Judas, and many unprintable words.

These have been used to describe Solomon Izang Ashoms, a man whose character is somewhat mysterious. Though professionally Ashoms is a journalist, editor, TV presenter, many know him as the fearless man with a penchant for stirring controversy on social media. Interestingly Ashoms has tackled sacred cows. The man from Jos, Nigeria is like the chief whip of Christianity in Africa. He criticizes and does exposes of pastors he feels are stepping out of line. He has dragged many a pastor for manipulations, abuse of people, sexual immorality, mismanagement of funds and enriching themselves at the expense of the poor masses and for being false. Ashoms has gone to the extent of even naming and shaming dome of the big names in Christianity, on radio, TV, newspapers and social media, much to the delight of their detractors and the chagrin of the followers.

“I know what I am doing is what God has called to do,” Ashoms makes no bones about his mission.

“My mission is saying there are a lot of things that are wrong with the church and church leadership that we need to talk about. My mission is to help people to talk about these problems that we have within church. It’s also to expose leadership that is not doing things appropriately especially when it comes to things that I know are not biblical. My mission is to expose what is not biblical in the church.”

Ashoms believes there ought to be a gatekeeper and someone who will confront ask the hard questions. He has assumed the role exposing pastors even going as far as declaring some false. His stance, to speak out, has his identity confused with some believing he is fake while others feel he is real. In Christian circles, there’s a culture of concealment where wrongdoings by those in positions of power are not exposed for the misdemeanors. However Ashoms dares to break rank.

“My pain is that a lot of people are being abused and spiritually taken advantage of. You don’t know how many messages I get from people who are losing their homes, jobs, millions, relationships and how they were sexually abused. All these because of church leadership. When I get a message of a pastor’s scandal I feel sad because it also involves me too since as a church we are one body,” says the married father of two.

Men of cloth – John Suleman, Chris Oyakhilome, TB Joshua, Shepherd Bushiri, Tim Omotoso, Keith Harrington, Alf Lukhau, Stephen Zondo, Lesego Daniels, Dudu Comfort, Uebert Angel, Emmanuel Makandiwa, Passion Java, HQ Nala, Paseka Motsoeneng and many have felt the wrath of Ashoms. For his efforts, of bravery or notoriety, Ashoms has garnered friends and foes. Not only has he received praises for his boldness but he also received death threats and lawsuits.

“I have lost quite a lot of friends. My life has been threatened via smses and phone calls. My wife has also received them. I get a lot of threats via Facebook inboxes. They have created a lot of fake news. They said I am Muslim and that I tarnish and attack Christian leaders. They have sent lawyers and attorneys threatening me. There has been a lot of threats and intimidation,” said Ashoms.

“I have come to a place where I say if I die I die. If somebody kills me, I am not afraid of death. I have dealt with that. If I die it will be for the truth.”

On Facebook, where Ashoms commands a great following, he has been accused of being divisive. At times Ashoms will put a list of false prophets or pastors and their enraged followers will descend on him with insults. Ashoms says he doesn’t derive merriment out of the misery of pastors or their followers.

“In Deuteronomy 28, there are all the curses listed there. I have been wished all those curses. I pray for people that call me names. On few occasions I have cried when I get attacked by people calling me names and all that. I don’t cry because of the attack. I cry because of how blind people are. People don’t see how they are being abused and that they are in a cult. My cry is for God to open their eyes. It’s a cry of compassion,” says Ashoms.

“I don’t celebrate the downfall of any church leader but I talk about it. When I talk about it people think I am celebrating and it’s a totally different thing. There are other pastors that I know things about but I never put them publicly because they realized that they were wrong and they were ready to make things right. Anything that I put public means that there’s something that has gone seriously wrong in the person not taking responsibility but they are defending something that is a sin and they are influencing a lot of people. If you want to damage yourself, why don’t you do it alone? Why do you have to do so with people?”

In what might be a shock to many, Ashoms says his family devotes time to pray for pastors, the recipients of his lashes.

“You won’t believe it. In my home we pray for pastors regularly. My mission is not to condemn them. My mission is for them is to know that they are in error. I send them messages and tell them my fight is not against you. It’s not about you. It’s about the things that you do. Let’s separate the two,” says the editor Parable Magazine, a publication based in Nigeria.

Ashoms says Christians should not just take as the gospel things that are said by men of collar. He calls for scrutiny.

“A lot of Christians lately don’t use their brains to think. They believe everything a Christian leader says is the ultimate truth. They are not like the Berean church that they will listen and go away and look at the scriptures and says okay this is what we heard but what does the scripture say?”

Ashoms says he takes heart at the fact that a lot of people text him testifying that they have broken free from cults and all sorts of bondage because of his bravery. However Ashoms has to look over his shoulder. His crusade has not been without sacrifices as he has to move his wife and kids to different location whenever he has to leave the country.

“From when I was young, anything that is injustice I speak out. I defend the truth. I can defend the truth with my life. If we read scriptures, we should all be bold. We should all speak out,” says Ashoms.

“I am in pursuit of truth, truth in the church, family, society and everywhere. Truth before me, truth behind me and truth besides me.”

source: Hosea Ramphekwa /  Joburg Post


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