Barrister Austin Okeke Writes From South Africa

The point of the matter is that our people are under siege by deliberate policies of the Federal Government of Nigeria, which policies are being implemented only in Igbo land.

Only in Igbo land will you see many roadblocks of Soldiers, Police, Customs, State Security Service, Civil Defence and uncountable law enforcement agencies; all they do is to extort money from our people.

We have witnessed in Igbo land, illegal land grab by non-indigenes whose nationalities we are not able to determine. These people are obviously supported, aided and abated by the same Federal Government of Nigeria, whose primary duty is to guarantee our safety and security.

They have unleashed terror on our land in the name of cattle grazing and colonies, yet we sit and do nothing.

The same Federal Government is implementing policies of impoverishment and deprivation against our people, yet we seem not concerned about our present, and the future of our children.

We have witnessed the same Federal Government, without regard to our dignity as humans, embarked on several military operations in our land, and have mauled to death our innocent youngsters, whose only sin was to exercise their natural and constitutional rights to protest against injustice and abuse. All they ask is the opportunity to develop their God-given potentials, nurture and harness their latent talents.

We have a credible Pan-Igbo body like the Alaigbo Development Foundation, with a clear roadmap on how to advance the cause of the Igbo people.

There is the “Green Book” which has been endorsed by Igbo people in both home and abroad; yet we choose to overlook it, even without suggesting an alternative to the Green Book.

We are indeed missing the point here.

Reason being the following:

1. We are not alive to our responsibilities if we are not focusing on programs and activities which seek to mobilize our people to be more “Igbo-centric “ Other nations in Nigeria are doing the same, why shouldn’t we?

2. We should embark on enlightenment campaigns in Igbo land to educate our people on the need for safety and security.

3. We should vigorously lobby our State House of Assemblies to pass “Anti-Open Grazing Laws”, so to secure our farmers, families, farmlands and our ancestral land against illegal occupation.

4. We should develop a template for our State Governors, which template must be about infrastructure development and the development of our rural communities. Our youths are jobless and are prone to criminal activities and political thuggery.

5. We should be concerned about the characters of the people that are standing for elective positions in Igbo land.

6. What plans do they have for our impoverished people, what plans do they have in place for job and wealth creation in Igbo land.

7. The political leadership should be compelled to establish cottage industries in our local government areas, compelled to use the local government budgets judiciously for the good of our people as opposed to enriching their individual pockets.

We have in the recent past deliberated and agreed to action some programs but have only just talked and talked with no action.

The most recent is, that our political leaders shall be invited to give the account of their stewardship since 1999 that they have been in office, the second is the still-born committee that was formed soon after our mothers and sisters who were illegally detained and humiliated in Owerri were released.

What happened to these programs?

We have indeed missed the point if we chase after rats whilst our house is on fire.

Why organize an event called “Handshake Across Nigeria” in Lagos when we have so many neglected housekeeping chores in Igbo land, which are waiting for us to tidy?

No one will clean them for us if we do not. Let us rather organize “Handshake Across Igbo land” For charity they say begins at home.

This is what needs to be done immediately in other to address existential and essential matters that concern and confront us on a daily basis in Igbo land.

I thank you

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Barrister Austin Okeke Writes From South Africa

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