The other day, soon after Senator Ike Ekwerenmadu was besieged and later on arrested like a commoner, some of us claim that they are doing something at a closed door with the international committee especially the USA Congress.

They are having high-level meetings with people that matter in the USA government so that they may bring their influence to bear on the primitive brute called Buhari. Congratulations.

The same story was told when Senator Abaribe was recently arrested as a commoner and treated like a nobody. Yet he is the caucus leader of the South East Senators in Nigeria.

You dare go near the Senators from the North in a similar fashion, and you can only imagine the consequences that it would attract.

The same story goes for Innoson the sole local manufacturer of vehicles in Nigeria. You dare not go near Dangote in spite of his shady capital raising footprints.

The same story goes for the Obi of Onitsha when the nondescript beast Buhari visited Anambra State to campaign for the APC gubernatorial candidate during the recently concluded elections.

Buhari ignored him, he rather told him to come to him at Awka. Yet same Buhari was conferred double chieftaincy titles in Abakiliki one day prior.

Meanwhile, same Buhari visited the traditional ruler in Ekiti in his palace few months thereafter for a similar election of a candidate from his political party the APC.

We say we know what we are doing when Buhari sent in armored tanks that mauled down unarmed Igbo youths, whose only sins are the basic human rights to prosper and to be happy.

Their innocent souls as they rest in peace, are baying for the blood of those responsible for those atrocities, Including the leadership of Ohaneze Ndigbo and the South East Senators and Governors who were


No evil goes unpunished. They shall all pay, and very soon too.

We claim we know what we are doing when Buhari positioned roadblocks in every square mile in Igbo land. Never before seen in the history of Nigeria.

History lessons shall be taught in our classrooms to the future generations and posterity shall be our judge.

Some I too know, “ITK” we called them in schools back in the day, are always quick to jump to claim the glory for what they never participated in its process, they are selfish to enjoy the outcome of other people’s labor.

It is human nature to rejoice with and celebrate the success of a fellow human; that I do agree with; but not for one to falsely claim to be the one that brought about the success.

They tell us, don’t worry, we are doing something behind closed doors. It’s not for public consumption. Upeh!

Laughable indeed. We are all tata, babies that are still teething; and still suckling mother’s breast milk.

Let us make hay while the sun shines. Let’s stop deceiving ourselves. We rather should admit we know not what we are doing.

It is foolhardy to be in denial and to pretend that there is no clear and present danger, when the enemies have taken half of your ancestral land and further have occupied your homestead, then the same victim is busy chasing rat while his house is on fire.

I actually wonder who in actual fact we think we are deceiving. The collective of course.

Ssshhhh, don’t speak out. We know what we are doing but won’t tell you because it is not for public consumption, lest the enemies know about our plans. Yeah right.

The enemies are not secretive about their own plans, why hide yours?

The Senator Saraki saga is indicative of the bare fact that we do not know what we are doing.

Saraki, unlike our South East Senators, has intelligence networks and has plans to empower his own people in this regard.

The South East parliamentarians and Governors are only interested in who is richer than the other. Littering our cities with billboards covered with pictures of their big heads, including those of their wives.

The electorates still are waiting for the campaign promises. Will It ever come?

Stop waiting; my dear people because our parliamentarians and Governors, who are indeed our employees no longer are humans.

They don’t care a hoot about anyone including their own flesh and blood.

We only are reactionary in our approach toward matters that border on our existence as a people.

We claim we know what we are doing when Buhari and the herdsmen go to our sacred places to desecrate them with arrogant impunity.

They have violated every one of our rights and have desecrated our sacred places just for the mere fun of it. No Igbo man dares enter any sacred place in the North, any more than desecrating same.

They have eroded our peace and quiet with their cattle rearing and genocidal activities without we offering any sort of resistance.

Rather our so-called leaders connived to nipped IPOB in the bud.

We claim we know what we are doing when we go into negotiations with the herdsmen who manufacture stories about missing cattle. They would demand that our people must pay millions for every missing cow, then we proceed to pay them without ascertaining the veracity of their fallacies.

We claim we know what we are doing when Buhari unilaterally opened up Kano airport for Sudanese airline to fly into our country without proper checks.

This deal happened without due consideration for the rest of the nationalities that made up the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Yet we claim to know what we are doing when they are already plotting how to win the 2019 elections; by hook or crook, Buhari is desperate to return for the second term. So to consummate the grand plan to expand their territory by all means possible.

They openly are plotting against us, yet we tell ourselves to shush; don’t ask don’t tell, they are going to know our secret. What secret?

How many more time do I remind us?

My analysis of the Saraki Gestapo-like saga is simple; Ekwerenmadu was the fall guy.

Hopefully, he was actually the real decoy for Saraki, so to make it look like Saraki was home. He gave up himself to outplay the Buhari camp.

Without him, the plan wouldn’t have been successful. I am only consoling myself. Too bad.

That Ekwerenmadu was found at home, confirms that Saraki also would be found at home. That turned out not to be the case. Too bad for Buhari and cohorts.

However, my analysis is faulted by the obvious and scary fact that Ekwerenmadu was very vulnerable and could have been killed by an untrained law enforcement personnel on that fateful day. Just a trigger-happy idiot could have ended his life. God forbid.

God forbid indeed, only if we apply the age-old and timeless saying that the Heavens help those that help themselves.

We must as a matter of urgency put plans together. Plans on how to secure our lives, wives and children. Our ancestral land inclusive.

Do we really know what we are doing? Not quite.

This is Barrister Austin Okeke reporting for WhatsApp Instant News Network from the comfort of my couch.

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