Tell us about yourself, your name and state of origin?

Our greetings Brodaz are blood siblings who were born and bred in the eastern part of Nigeria we hail from Anambra state Nnewi South LGA, and our full names are Chukwuma and Chukwunonso Onyekumnaru.


When did you start singing your stage name and your music genre?

Our stage name is ‘Brodaz’ we started music during our childhood since we loved singing a lot. Our music career kicks off as a profession in 2006.The genre of our music is afro-pop and RNB.

How many albums and singles have you produced?

We have not released an album yet because we are still independent artist but we have a couple of singles. We have dropped seven tracks in total and looking forward to releasing of our album.


Why did you consider South Africa as a base having considered the high level of xenophobia in the country?

We like taking risks and that’s why we decided to leave our comfort zone in Nigeria and move our career to South Africa, which is also believed to be one of the most privileged countries in Africa.Brodaz believe in unity amongst all, that’s why we choose to base here in S.A and spread the message of unity through our music


What are your major challenges as upcoming Nigerian artist based in SA?

In this case, the major challenge we face is marketing and major distribution of our songs and getting the media platform to play our songs.one hardly get attention reason being that we not south Africans and we not able to speak the local language fluently, so it takes time for them to notice you and accept your hard work and efforts for the music.

Who are the big names you have shared stage with?

We have worked with the likes of Dj Tira(SA)  D’Banj(NGA)  junior da Rocka(SA)   Emtee(SA) Tzozo(SA)  K.Solo(NGA)  Daddy Fresh(NGA) and many more we have also performed in several events including music festivals, wedding ceremonies and at the night clubs, we have also managed to work with the S.A municipality.


What is your message on drug abuse and women abuse?

Drugs have broken so many families and we have lost so many young lives because of drugs, we’ve seen young and bright futures wasted on the streets because of drugs, we have seen people losing all their lifetime savings due to drugs, kids left as orphans and even parents burying their young children due to drugs. And it is very disturbing to know that all this are being associated with our loving country Nigeria and almost everyone believes that all the Nigerians are drug dealers would like to tell my fellow Africans that not all of us Nigerians are dealing with crime, they are actually some very decent Nigerians who are working hard and earns a clean money.

Women are the most important creatures in the world, without women they would not be life in the world, they literally run this world, even a grown man at some point needs their mother for advice or just for care sometimes. Women makes the world a warm place. Brodaz respect women and we strongly stand against women abuse and prostitution.

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