I had to smile! The South African Department of Foreign Affairs scheduling a meeting with the American Embassy basically to ask the question: “Is South Africa a ‘shithole’ country?”

As if we are unsure. As if we are in some identity crisis. Of course we know South Africa is not a “shithole” country. This becomes crystal clear when we consider the following characteristics of countries worthy of the “shithole” tag.

The leaders of such countries generally band together in some sort of gang. The leader of the gang gets control of the armed forces under the guise of ‘democracy’. The armed forces are then used for protection and glorification of the leaders whilst intimidating the populace and keeping them under control. This trick can work for up to 37 years or longer.

Leaders in SH countries travel in large convoys of luxury cars and their VIP protection units shoot at civilians who do not get out of the way quickly enough. These convoys generally travel at speeds above the legal speed limits and often are involved in accidents – sometimes even fatally injuring other road users. Proper SH leaders rope in the national police force for personal protection, while the rest of the nation has to endure serious crimes on a daily basis with little or no police protection. The police members protecting the SH leaders are generally much better remunerated than those protecting the populace.

SH country leaders live in huge mansions (sometimes one leader can own as many as 13 luxury homes) while the majority of the populace live in shacks. Sometimes real SH leaders demonstrate their class by offering many millions for the purchase of some animal like a buffalo while many millions of the people do not even have a job or something to eat for the day.

Leaders in SH countries enjoy private medical care, private education facilities and private security… all very expensive and paid for by the people, whilst the people themselves have to cope with sub-standard or non-existent facilities. SH country leading gang members have private businesses with the government and ensure that huge sums of the people’s money flows to gang member’s family and friends through para-statal businesses and other government institutions.

SH country leaders sell off their country’s assets and resources for their own private gain, whilst the majority of the populace are dirt poor.

A common trend with SH country leaders is to attempt to get control over the media and the judiciary. When this is not entirely successful – as when leaders are taken to court on account of their rapacious behaviour – then the people are called upon to foot the bill. SH country leaders have huge off-shore personal bank balances, company shares and properties – all paid for with money that should have been used for upliftment of the people of the country. Such gang members travel freely all over the world and enjoy the most luxurious of accommodation – all paid for by the poor people whom they are supposed to serve.

The rivalry between SH country gang members for leadership positions is such that they will kill each other for even a relatively low position at the “feeding trough”. SH country leaders see their jobs as consisting solely of status, remuneration and perks. Their main competition in amassing wealth is their own fellow gang members.

As far as the general populace of SH countries is concerned, there are a few characteristics worth noting :

– When the people want something, then they will destroy something. For example, if they want public transport, they will burn some buses. If they want education, they will burn down libraries, colleges and universities. If they want a wage increase, they will smash windows and loot shops.

– When people do not like something, then they will destroy something. For instance, if they think a T-shirt does not look good on a boy, then they will go and trash the shop selling that T-shirt. For anything else, they will burn tyres and destroy the road.

– The people of SH countries can be multiply screwed over by their leaders, without the fact penetrating their consciousness. They will therefore willingly cast their votes in support of their oppressors based on the same promises – over and over again.

So, obviously South Africa is NOT a “shithole” country. We have a Constitution and a history to prove this.

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